Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two and a half years...and fat photo find

I was messing around with my new computer today (computer issues is part of my excuse list for not being around) anyway, I was mapping to my old two computers to drag the shit ton of music and photos over (and the boring business tax info and crap) When I came across folders and folders of pictures. Some of my kids that I sat and giggled over. Some of our old life in California before the more here to Oregon. Also, some fat photos. Ugh!

I've been getting in the habit of reading blogs again. I should be able to comment soon. I'm headed to Phoenix via Palm Springs next week to see the oldest boy and thaw out a bit. I'm also excited to see one of the cast of Gold Rush (Discovery Channel Show) I'm a big fan and there is a show in Mesa that should be fun to check out. Now, Leaving my animals in the care of my son is a bit scary. He has a child for goodness sake but still?!?!?!?!?

So, upon my return, I commit to re-commit to blog.

There are a few things in the works that I don't have firmed up yet due to insurance and money... go figure. Although I am considered a "band success" by the practice that I go to, my band has not been an ideal tool for me because it reacts to stress. And to be blunt, Stress has been a mother-f'er since the month I was banded. One thing after another! So, I'm am told I can consider the sleeve revision. I am thinking about it. I have been up and down in fill volume by the same .2 ml for a year now. I have held steady in loss for a good year but not without fighting my band most of the time.

I'm thinking about it... I'm pretty much at the end of my road with this. My goal wasn't to get skinny but healthy rather. I am far from skinny but at 98-102 from highest weight and normal Blood Pressure for over a year it feels like an accomplishment. Would 20 - 25 lbs more feel better? I dunno? Could I do it with my band the way it acts? Not sure? My decision will be based on my insurance and their reply as it isn't covered as a WLS but as a revision is considered. I shall keep you posted!

So this being my 2.5 year bandiversary I thought I would share the fat photo find.

2002 - California

Christmas Cruise 2003

June 2004

October 2005

I still change my hair color up often... but these are more current.

June 2011

Dec 2011

~Jen from Oregon