Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fill #5 and short lived restriction

Yesterday I had fill #5 and this came one week after fill #4. After fill #4 I had my first feeling of restriction and reduced hunger. It was very short lived however! :(   I seem like I can go much longer between meals than pre-banding and it takes way less volume of food to satisfy me, but I knew I was still consuming too much, too fast without any "hang ups" so I did another fill. I think I am very very close.

Being recently laid off (one week) I have been trying to be very aware of grazing or depression eating and have been doing well. I will give myself a B+  I started the couch to 5k training program. I never, ever, ever, ever thought about running. EVER!  But on one of my power walks a week or so ago I just broke out into a run, like out of nowhere, like for no bear was chasing me, no cougar in sight, I hadn't left the kettle on.... I just started running. Okay, to be honest it was for maybe, maybe 2 minutes and I was gasping for air and felt like my legs would fall off... but there was something very empowering about it and I have kept it up since, increasing my time and distance each attempt. WTF? running?

Not much of a blog today...just trying to settle in to a new groove with the whole being home thing. Think I will put a pot of soup on and watch the rain fall.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

If I can't eat....I might as well shop!

Yes, check out these bad boys! My first unemployment check....gone baby gone. I am kidding about that. I haven't received one yet, I just felt the need to spoil myself....and to be fair, they were on sale at zappos and the dirty bastards kept telling me there was only one left in my I clicked on purchase and haven't looked back.

As I mentioned in my last post where I was being a big baby....I had my 4th fill last Wednesday and have a scheduled appointment on Tuesday in case I need a wee bit more or perhaps an unfill. My insurance covers 90 days of fills and Oct 30th will be the cut off.
I now have 6.5 cc and feel restricted but I do not think too much. I will share what I was able to eat today...

One egg - 7g
well toasted english muffin (bran) dry - 5g
one vanillia yogurt - 7g

about 1.5 cups of iceburg
one can of drained tuna - (26g) mixed with an avacado and a couple of tablespoons of basalmic
got about 3/4 of it eaten

whole wheat toast...darn near burnt - 5g
lowfat chunky peanut butter 7g

coffee & water

I never felt any hunger...I just looked at the clock and thought...oh, I should eat something. What a strange feeling, one I could get used to.

Thank you to all who responded to my last post (any of my posts while I am at it) I will be fine and it sure helps to keep the spirits up when I am reminded that opportunity will again come my way.....I just need to be open to it!

Goodnight - Jen

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I hereby join the ranks of the unemployed!

yep, got laid off today, sucks for sure
also got another 1cc fill today so I can't wallow in a large pizza with a chaser of ice

I'm a half-full kind of girl so here are my mantras for the day,

it is not the worst thing that could happen
I am luckier than most in this situation (hubby is a retired 100% disabled veteran and this can support my family, I worked for the extras)
I have my health care through the VA
I can spend more time on "me"
I was just saying how I wish I could simplify I will have to

Well, all that said...I am still sad :( this company has been great and very supportive. We just hit a downturn like so many others....I will miss the peeps ALOT (((Rick))) - my office bud.

Maybe I will post a little more often now! Well, going to sign off and get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is my last day and I have got so much crap to clean out of that on my puter, pics all while trying not to look at Rick or I will cry, I am such a baby.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swimming in a sea of blue post-it-notes....

Just wanted to post a quick hello :)

I am so busy at work and my hours have changed.. it has me a bit sluggish!

Per the title: there is 11 blue post-its on my desk reminding me to complete even a few simple tasks. When I get real tired/stressed I get very forgetful... so I write myself notes.

I've been keeping up on all your blogs via my I don't comment often cause it is a pain in the butt on my phone. Keep up the great work everyone :)

OH, had a cool NSV on Sat. My horseshoer had been out a week after my surgery and I wouldn't have told him about it but he was ready to belt my horse as he thought she bit me... What did happen is she was rubbing her head on me and nudged my port site HARD! I started crying (wtg Jen, cry in front of the wayyyy handsome horseshoer) So I spilled all about it....embarrassing!

Anyway, he came again on sat. and the first thing he said was "I can see that band thing is working for you" instead of being all " the band is working cause I'm making it work" I said thanks!

and another cool NSV is that I can shop at old navy like an average sized person. Took me home a pair of long jeans, flair in a 16.. a freaking 16 Holy Hell it felt good!

Hope to post again soon... I'm trying :)
Threw in a pic from the zipline adventure...I'd be the tall one, lol