Wednesday, June 13, 2012

after talking about it FOREVER!

I think I have posted about this for two years now and in about three BYOC's but today I finally got my windmill tattoo.

Why a windmill?
I grew up on a ranch in California and there was a windmill that was part of the landscape. It is just home to me. Also, my love for McLeod's Daughters (an Aussie series) that I love. I love it so much my band's name is Claire after one of the daughters... Right now my band is going by a nickname and it rhymes with see you next Tuesday. That's a whole other post that I may get to someday.

I'm pleased with it. (Which is a good thing I am guessing) I am anxious to see it when the healing is done. It is only black & grey. The red is blood on surface (like a giant hickey)

Well, that was my excitement for the day!