Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day, Thank Goodness!

Hello peeps,

Thanksgiving in my neck of the woods was um, well... I'm so over it. It just means Christmas is coming and I just can't get into it. I made quite a bit of the kids favorites, a pie for hubby and I bought a tiny frozen cheesecake for my treat, which I sampled a small piece of. The day itself was mostly spent talking to my daughter on the phone because she wasn't able to make it home and was having a rough go of it. My Sons 18 & 19 were home but the spent the day riding our quads, came in and shoveled dinner in and were off to ride some more. It's all good!

Band news: no loss, no gain. I haven't been great on eating enough protein or drinking enough water. I'm off routine with being home 24/7 and haven't been motivated. Today is my one year and four months bandaversary. I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat. What I would like is a do over of all the other crap that life has thrown my way since getting banded. Sigh!

I'm cold, miserable cold. I hate to wear socks to bed but I've not been warm enough to sleep well in about two weeks. (partly because my house only has wood heat and I am too lazy to build a fire at 3am)

Oh, back to the title. Tomorrow I start a new job! I am thankful. I was laid off back in mid October from a company I love. They, just like so many, just don't have the work. My field is in construction so as you can imagine it has been slow. This position just sort of came about, no interview, no sending of resumes. I love that because there has not been a single job to even apply to in my little town in Oregon. I also love that it is a small, casual setting as I am a jeans, tee & hoodie girl. (add also scarf, gloves, uggs, wool socks, smart wool undershirts while cupping a warm Dutch Bros. coffee) I hope to update on how the first day goes tomorrow.

I've been thinking lately about my "word" of 2010 (focus word we chose as opposed to making resolutions) FAIL! My word was "passion" Passion for life, to find passion in something, anything...but honestly PASSION HAS LEFT THE BUILDING! So, I am keeping it for 2011 because I really do want to feel alive again.

Really, I do!

hugging the wood stove

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it used to be....

It used to be little things throughout the day would trigger blog ideas but I have been at a loss for a while now until yesterday. Let me set the scene for ya!
Hubby and I were having lunch (my breakfast) at Panda Express. Which I might add is not a very flexible establishment as I asked for pot stickers to replace rice/noodle but they said NO! Whatever, I gave most my rice to my husband anyway. Back to my story... So there I was with my plate and before I could start eating I had to request some soy, mix that in a bit, look at it again and decide there is no way I am going to attempt that without some additional sauce of some kind so asked for some sweet & sour, mixed that in a bit and started cutting little pieces and as I was lifting the first bite to my mouth hubby started cracking up. I'm like what's so funny? and he starts laughing harder and harder and then I was getting pissed because he wouldn't quit laughing long enough to share what was so funny. Finally, after what seemed like forever he tells me that he was laughing at the way I have to "prep" my food for consumption nowadays, that I remind him of some creepy insect that has to spit my digestive juices with some paralyzing agent into my prey before I can eat it. It is kinda funny and I needed a laugh as it has been a rough go of it lately.

Warning - Graphic details about my horse to follow:

I think I have come to "deal" with the loss of my horse. I can't remember how much I shared about it and I am too lazy to go back and read but all I can say is it was horrific. We had to shoot her, she was suffering an obvious broken rear leg, but it still haunts me. It didn't end there either. A 1200 lb horse is not like flushing a goldfish. I spent hours trying to donate her meat to the local wildlife parks (there are four nearby) but it was early on a Saturday morning and I ended up having to hire a backhoe to move and bury her. It wasn't until the backhoe flipped her that we realized she had actually been attacked by the bear. okay, enough details I had been asked by a few of you on facebook what all had happened.

Thank you for the support and the checking in lately to see if I am okay. It means a lot to me and I appreciate you all hanging in there and not bailing on me :)