Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And then my ring flew across the room....

I’ll take it! This morning, while at work and two weeks into my liquid pre-op diet… I went to move a paper off my desk and my ring flung off my finger! It was pretty cool, lol

Surgery is tomorrow morning and I’m not really that nervous about it…too much other drama to think about it much. My well may be going dry at the ranch and my husband needs to leave the day after my surgery to move my mother-in-law…I am thankful for the distractions

I will post an update as soon as I can…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jen is a Lurker!

I’ve been lurking through the blogs that I am following for a month or so now. I can’t tell you how helpful the personal stories have been. Thank you so much peeps…. I am glad to be on this journey with you all!

Will I be happy in the end?

One of the things we ("we" meaning patients of the facility where I am having my surgery) have to complete is a list of goals, three short term and three long term goals. I thought this would be so easy....but I was so wrong. It is easy to focus on number goals 10lbs a month, 50 in a year... just examples but that wasn't the objective of the drill. I believe it was more to identify how you would feel in the moment of your accomplishment. Accomplishments, my friends, is uncharted territory and quite hard to write as a goal.

It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around what I was being asked to put down in black & white. Perhaps I don’t have it correct, but what I did come away with is that I don’t have a clue how I will feel in the moment…um, because I have never been there before. I hope I will be happy, excited, strong, encouraged. I hope, but what if I am not? What if I fail? What if I miss my go-to friend so much that I am depressed and unimpressed when I reach a goal?

I am a glass-half-full person for the most part but the fat girl in me does cast a shadow every now and again. I am wondering if anyone else had a hard time actually believing that this was going to happen and could see them happy and whole on the other end. I guess I may have never given this whole weight loss attempt a full go out of fear that it would not make me happy in the end. I know that sounds dumb but really skinny does not = happy. I wonder to myself…Will my marriage survive? (He is opposed to the surgery) Will my girls’ night out with my daughter be impacted because food is not the focus? Will I still be the “great cook” at the Holiday’s and such….Just some of the questions rolling around in my head with just three days to go until surgery!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A week to go!

I am one week out from my banding date and have just begun my second week of liquids. The liquid part I was really not looking forward to but it has not been so bad. Many doctors have various plans for the pre-op diet. Where I am having my procedure they require one week of a liquid diet and clear liquids only the day prior to surgery. I was told by my Doctor that starting the liquid portion an extra week early helps to jump start the loss and that made sense to me so I did so! I am allowed protein shakes, lowfat yogurt, creamed soups w/protein powder added and 64+ oz of water/ crystal light per day. After one week I had a 7lb loss! Wondering now what my surgery day weight will be?

Friday, July 17, 2009

No going back now....

So, here goes!

In black and white for the whole entire Internet to see.... My name is Jen and I am two weeks away from Lap Band surgery (to be more correct... the Realize band) I am excited, afraid and anxious.