Thursday, October 4, 2012

cobwebs and dead crickets


I've knocked down the cobwebs and made my way to this long abandoned blog.
I'm not gonna beat myself up too bad. Life has just been happening. I actually started getting a ton of spam comments so I came in to edit my settings and thought I would do a quick update.

Been having a blast with the granddaughter. She is 10 months old now, crawling and has two little teeth. I get to play with her most weekends and it is just too cool.

Spent most of the summer helping my friend Dakota Fred (Fred Hurt) of the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush keep his Facebook page updated while he was mining in Alaska.
This also included quite a bit of "defending" too as he was edited/portrayed to be sort of a bad guy (which was all TV) He's a wonderful person and actually has a clue what he is doing as opposed to the "other guys" It returns for Season 3 on October 26th.

This is my BFF, Fred and myself. Not the best pic but it was a fun time!

I returned to work after an on and off again layoff of two years. Going on month three now and I feel so much better being back in the game. Of course the income helps but the biggest thing is the metal lift that I have gotten.

Band is still in there doing what it does best (being a total C-U-next Tuesday) I am steady, have an overall loss of 97-102 lbs depending on the day and I have been banded a little over three years now. I am just being careful with it and trying to keep the stress and other factors that have such a bad effect on it to a minimum. I hope to convert to the sleeve when the VA approves it. (Medicare has approved, so hoping they will follow soon) More on that if it comes about.

My workday is over and it is on to job #2 (prepping for Winter on the mountain) Even though it is 90 something here today, it is on the way and always takes us by surprise.

I need to return to this. It was such a key thing in the beginning and I miss it. I am enjoying all the pics and posts BOOBs related. Very fun stuff ladies!
Someday I would love to join in.

That's all for now,