Thursday, October 4, 2012

cobwebs and dead crickets


I've knocked down the cobwebs and made my way to this long abandoned blog.
I'm not gonna beat myself up too bad. Life has just been happening. I actually started getting a ton of spam comments so I came in to edit my settings and thought I would do a quick update.

Been having a blast with the granddaughter. She is 10 months old now, crawling and has two little teeth. I get to play with her most weekends and it is just too cool.

Spent most of the summer helping my friend Dakota Fred (Fred Hurt) of the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush keep his Facebook page updated while he was mining in Alaska.
This also included quite a bit of "defending" too as he was edited/portrayed to be sort of a bad guy (which was all TV) He's a wonderful person and actually has a clue what he is doing as opposed to the "other guys" It returns for Season 3 on October 26th.

This is my BFF, Fred and myself. Not the best pic but it was a fun time!

I returned to work after an on and off again layoff of two years. Going on month three now and I feel so much better being back in the game. Of course the income helps but the biggest thing is the metal lift that I have gotten.

Band is still in there doing what it does best (being a total C-U-next Tuesday) I am steady, have an overall loss of 97-102 lbs depending on the day and I have been banded a little over three years now. I am just being careful with it and trying to keep the stress and other factors that have such a bad effect on it to a minimum. I hope to convert to the sleeve when the VA approves it. (Medicare has approved, so hoping they will follow soon) More on that if it comes about.

My workday is over and it is on to job #2 (prepping for Winter on the mountain) Even though it is 90 something here today, it is on the way and always takes us by surprise.

I need to return to this. It was such a key thing in the beginning and I miss it. I am enjoying all the pics and posts BOOBs related. Very fun stuff ladies!
Someday I would love to join in.

That's all for now,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

after talking about it FOREVER!

I think I have posted about this for two years now and in about three BYOC's but today I finally got my windmill tattoo.

Why a windmill?
I grew up on a ranch in California and there was a windmill that was part of the landscape. It is just home to me. Also, my love for McLeod's Daughters (an Aussie series) that I love. I love it so much my band's name is Claire after one of the daughters... Right now my band is going by a nickname and it rhymes with see you next Tuesday. That's a whole other post that I may get to someday.

I'm pleased with it. (Which is a good thing I am guessing) I am anxious to see it when the healing is done. It is only black & grey. The red is blood on surface (like a giant hickey)

Well, that was my excitement for the day!


Friday, May 18, 2012


It’s FRIDAY!!! That means it’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer five little questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy to your own blog and enjoy!!

1. What religion were you raised as a child, if any, and are you still a member of that faith today? Why or why not?

I wasn't raised in any particular religion. I spent time attending the Mormon church with the neighbors as a young child. Faith is something I struggle with. I feel like I have the Mind and Body part way more dialed in than the Spirit aspect of things. I feel like I can do so in my own way. I also think that the since of community I might feel attending a church would be nice sometimes too though.

2. Do you have an all time favorite candy or do you change favorites often?

I love frozen peanut butter cups. A little too much.

3. Are you a green thumb? Do you landscape your yard or plant any flowers or a garden? Do you pay someone to do it for you? Do you not plant a single thing?

I have been in the landscape industry for years and years. However I do not have one single plant in my home. We have natural landscaping around our home but it was all existing prior to us moving here. We have had a few great gardens in the past but it is so much work for the "non-protein" trade off. We have had a couple good crops of LEGAL medicine ;) I don't partake myself because of the whole munchies thing but they grew quite beautifully.

4. Let’s just say you were a tattoo junkie and you were planning your next tat and it had to be words only. What words would you choose? A quote? Phrase? One word? Would you do it in English or a different language?

Funny you should ask this! I am struggling with this very question right now. I have my Windmill tattoo set up for early next month for my birthday and have been wanting to add words to it. I have searched lyrics and quotes and nothing had spoke to me and then last night I came across this on FB:

My windmill is going to go on my shoulder cap and part way down arm. am going to change up the words a little to read: Sky above me, Wind to carry me, Earth to ground me, Fire inside me (Maybe.. its in the working stages)

I like the looks of this windmill

I have a large smallpox vaccination scar on that arm. So I am going to see if he can make it the moon in the background of windmill sort of like the center moon on this

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week.

Sigh... It has been pretty stressful. My husbands truck got both the rear slider window and front windshield broke (and replaced) so pinto's it is till payday ;/ aside from that nothing exciting really. I have been throwing my fishing pole in the pond as a form of meditation. I've been solar collecting like a lizard on a rock. Oh, and my Granddaughter has learned to blow raspberries! Too Cute!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WTF Wednesday

WTF or Why the F*** is it so hard for me to get a blog post published? I mean, I have all day, everyday that I could devote to the cause. I write in my head a lot but they never make it to my blog. I guess I'm still in a funky spot and am trying not to use this place to bitch and moan.

WTF is the deal with fingernail clippers & pens that actually write in my house? I swear, they walk away. I'm going to attach something to them like when you get the keys to a service station restroom. I've looked for both this morning so I'm frustrated. lol

WTF is the up with having to do peoples jobs for them? I have had three issues this week (so far) where they clearly dropped the ball and I did it myself when IT WASN'T MY JOB! Nothing major, just time suck stuff where I'd follow up on stuff only to find that it was a good thing I did because it was stalled in the process somewhere.

WTF is in a Jack in the Box taco? I really want to know... No I don't..Don't tell me.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 4, 2012


BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

5 questions we answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Join us!!

1. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?

My sister usually has a gathering at her house in California and I try to attend with my Mom and one other sister. Hoping to head down there next week for a few days. My boys aren't real good about Mother's day. My daughter always does or say's something sweet. My husband on the other hand has a famous line of "But you're not my Mother" Really? It feels that way sometimes.

2. Do you take a daily vitamin? Why or why not?

I take Vit D3 2000iu, B12 and CoQ10

3. Do you wear perfume every day? If yes, what kind?

I wear CK Euphoria... even if I don't leave the house.

4. When you walk or run or work out outside – what do you take with you?

Here in BFE I carry a gun (Bears & Cougars, Oh My!) I always have my phone and a walking stick. I usually have my bluetooth and try to do my calls to the BFF when I have the privacy.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week.

In a nutshell... FML
Well, it is not that bad I guess.
Having a lot of band issues. I am unfilled by 1cc (half a month ago and half on Wednesday) Allergies and stress are my big issues. I'm not worried about getting it back when I need it.
Lots of things going on that I had hoped to blog about someday. Changes? maybe..

In the meantime I am loving that Granddaughter of mine. She is 5 months old now and just the sweetest light in my life.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two and a half years...and fat photo find

I was messing around with my new computer today (computer issues is part of my excuse list for not being around) anyway, I was mapping to my old two computers to drag the shit ton of music and photos over (and the boring business tax info and crap) When I came across folders and folders of pictures. Some of my kids that I sat and giggled over. Some of our old life in California before the more here to Oregon. Also, some fat photos. Ugh!

I've been getting in the habit of reading blogs again. I should be able to comment soon. I'm headed to Phoenix via Palm Springs next week to see the oldest boy and thaw out a bit. I'm also excited to see one of the cast of Gold Rush (Discovery Channel Show) I'm a big fan and there is a show in Mesa that should be fun to check out. Now, Leaving my animals in the care of my son is a bit scary. He has a child for goodness sake but still?!?!?!?!?

So, upon my return, I commit to re-commit to blog.

There are a few things in the works that I don't have firmed up yet due to insurance and money... go figure. Although I am considered a "band success" by the practice that I go to, my band has not been an ideal tool for me because it reacts to stress. And to be blunt, Stress has been a mother-f'er since the month I was banded. One thing after another! So, I'm am told I can consider the sleeve revision. I am thinking about it. I have been up and down in fill volume by the same .2 ml for a year now. I have held steady in loss for a good year but not without fighting my band most of the time.

I'm thinking about it... I'm pretty much at the end of my road with this. My goal wasn't to get skinny but healthy rather. I am far from skinny but at 98-102 from highest weight and normal Blood Pressure for over a year it feels like an accomplishment. Would 20 - 25 lbs more feel better? I dunno? Could I do it with my band the way it acts? Not sure? My decision will be based on my insurance and their reply as it isn't covered as a WLS but as a revision is considered. I shall keep you posted!

So this being my 2.5 year bandiversary I thought I would share the fat photo find.

2002 - California

Christmas Cruise 2003

June 2004

October 2005

I still change my hair color up often... but these are more current.

June 2011

Dec 2011

~Jen from Oregon