Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thousand word Thursday - Topic #3

Amy has come up with a great Thousand Word Thursday topic! Picture your favorite piece of jewelry and post why it's your favorite!

This was so easy for me!
There is one piece that I love, love, love!

It is not fancy, it is on a cord, it is handmade by my blogger friend Melody Watson

Not sure if you can see it in the pictures but it has the letters E.A.C. stamped in it and this stands for Even After Claire. Even after Claire was a blog group that formed after the death of a character and then soon after the television series called McLeod's Daughters stopped airing here in the states. (it is an Australian series) I named my band Claire after this show and strong character. I Love, Love, Love McLeod's Daughters :)
I also have a few additional pieces handmade by Melody here are two more


  1. Beautiful!

    I wanted to invite you to come up to Eugene on Sunday, 9/26 at noon to have lunch with me and Debi from Hawaii Bound Bandster and maybe Janelle from Salem. Email me if you can!

  2. do it Jen..I am going down I think :) the necklaces by the way.


  3. I love unique jewelry and your necklaces are beautiful.

  4. So pretty and what a nice memory.

  5. Yea, I'm lame. Started thinking about you today. About what a gift it was that we finally got to meet after all these years. Started poking around your blog, since I'm super-behind (what with being away from home for a month and a half, and all!) And found this lovely, lovely piece. Thank you!!! Hope you're feeling all better now.


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