Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it used to be....

It used to be little things throughout the day would trigger blog ideas but I have been at a loss for a while now until yesterday. Let me set the scene for ya!
Hubby and I were having lunch (my breakfast) at Panda Express. Which I might add is not a very flexible establishment as I asked for pot stickers to replace rice/noodle but they said NO! Whatever, I gave most my rice to my husband anyway. Back to my story... So there I was with my plate and before I could start eating I had to request some soy, mix that in a bit, look at it again and decide there is no way I am going to attempt that without some additional sauce of some kind so asked for some sweet & sour, mixed that in a bit and started cutting little pieces and as I was lifting the first bite to my mouth hubby started cracking up. I'm like what's so funny? and he starts laughing harder and harder and then I was getting pissed because he wouldn't quit laughing long enough to share what was so funny. Finally, after what seemed like forever he tells me that he was laughing at the way I have to "prep" my food for consumption nowadays, that I remind him of some creepy insect that has to spit my digestive juices with some paralyzing agent into my prey before I can eat it. It is kinda funny and I needed a laugh as it has been a rough go of it lately.

Warning - Graphic details about my horse to follow:

I think I have come to "deal" with the loss of my horse. I can't remember how much I shared about it and I am too lazy to go back and read but all I can say is it was horrific. We had to shoot her, she was suffering an obvious broken rear leg, but it still haunts me. It didn't end there either. A 1200 lb horse is not like flushing a goldfish. I spent hours trying to donate her meat to the local wildlife parks (there are four nearby) but it was early on a Saturday morning and I ended up having to hire a backhoe to move and bury her. It wasn't until the backhoe flipped her that we realized she had actually been attacked by the bear. okay, enough details I had been asked by a few of you on facebook what all had happened.

Thank you for the support and the checking in lately to see if I am okay. It means a lot to me and I appreciate you all hanging in there and not bailing on me :)


  1. laugh whenever you can! I don't even bother to order anything at Panda express anymore. I just eat off peoples plates and have a drink (first of course).

    I am horrified and saddened for you concerning your horse!! The poor thing. We are about to take on a couple of horses and I cannot even imagine the difficulty in dealing with what you have had to do lately.

    I would never dump you. My conference will be in San Francisco in March. I will make sure and let you know when I drive through.

    Keep on plugging along. Things have to get better!


  2. So Sorry about your horse - they are such beautiful creatures!

    Very descriptive of your husband - and funny !

  3. So sorry about your horse---Our dog of 17 yrs died a week or so ago . It's so lonely with out them.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Boo Panda Express! Glad your hubby could make you laugh. Sounds like you definitely need a few smiles. So sorry about your loss.

  5. I agree it sounds like you needed that laugh! Not sure I like the imagary, but whatever!

    So sorry about your horse. That sucks bad!

  6. I just thought of a disturbing pet memory that I have. Basically one of my dogs dug up the remains of my cat when she'd been dead about 3 weeks. For months, whenever I thought of the cat, all I could see was her decomposing corpse. It really bothered me. My point of all this is that sometimes these upsetting issues make it even more difficult to deal with the loss of our beloved pets (really I'm not trying to gross you out). As your discovering, in time those images fade and we can remember the happier times we shared with them.

  7. Sorry about your loss...Thank you for joining my blog. I can use all the support I can get.

    I"m glad you are married to a fun and funny guy. Hope you have a nice holiday.


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