Friday, July 24, 2009

A week to go!

I am one week out from my banding date and have just begun my second week of liquids. The liquid part I was really not looking forward to but it has not been so bad. Many doctors have various plans for the pre-op diet. Where I am having my procedure they require one week of a liquid diet and clear liquids only the day prior to surgery. I was told by my Doctor that starting the liquid portion an extra week early helps to jump start the loss and that made sense to me so I did so! I am allowed protein shakes, lowfat yogurt, creamed soups w/protein powder added and 64+ oz of water/ crystal light per day. After one week I had a 7lb loss! Wondering now what my surgery day weight will be?


  1. Jen! Thanks so following my blog and good luck on your surgery! Just think, life is about to begin!

  2. Hi there, Jen :)
    Found you on my blog too lol. How exciting... I remember exactly how I felt when I was at the same stage of the game as you. Excited, full of trepidation, nervous.. excited .. I love my band, and you will learn to love yours too. Keep us posted with lots of updates.. look forward to reading more.


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