Friday, September 4, 2009

Second fill today - 1cc

Hello all,
Going to do a short and sweet post!

Had my second fill today. My first was done 4 weeks after surgery, 4cc's (Realize band) and the second at 5 weeks post-op, 1cc (8 days after first)
I'm on liquids for the next 24hrs so not sure if I feel much increased restriction.
Will report on that soon..

I did however lose 5 pounds of body fat (but gained 2 lbs of lean muscle) in the last 8 days! Over all a 3lb loss, I will take it!

Enjoy the long weekend! Be safe!


  1. Hey! I met you at the support group in GP on Tues...I am also having Dr. Castillo do my surgery...this is my cat's google/blogger profile I am posting on...LOL

    Way to go on your recent weigh in :)

  2. Jenny...
    How did you work out that 5 fat/2 pounds muscle ratio? I ask because something strange happened to me this week regarding gaining (was it muscle or what??) and I will write about it on my next post. I'm really curious.

  3. Keep up the great work, and super congrats on the lean muscle. Thanks for all your support! I hope work is not as crazy this week.

  4. Hey Jenny! Im Kristen :) Congrats on all your weight loss success thus far! I love finding new people to follow on here! I will hopefully be banded by the end of October and Im super anxious. Follow my blog if you get a chance :) Have a good day!


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