Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 3 - your idea of a perfect first date

Since I have been married like forever and never really dated this is a hard one. I wouldn't have the first clue what I would enjoy about a first date. I'd probably be sick. I'M SHY, REMEMBER?

I will share an embarrassing story that happened recently, promise not to laugh at me, K?

My coffee guy,(I like to call him that but really he is not just my coffee guy) whom I see only a couple times a week at the drive up stand I get my fix at is such a cutie.

I'm old enough to be his mother, Sigh!

anyway, I am a total idiot around him. I stutter, blush, break out in hives.

It. Is. Awful!

I can't help it, Sometimes I can only muster a head shake nodding yes to my usual order. don't get me wrong, I am just another customer, no special treatment but this handsome boy turns me into a MORON!

So here I was, Monday before last, pulling into the street where the coffee stand is and I am giving myself the talk in the rear view. Don't be an idiot, Don't try to talk, Breathe deep. So I pull up to the window and he said these three words:

"Good Morning Jen"

I started laughing. Not just giggles but laughing so hard that tears were rolling down my cheeks and I couldn't catch my breath and then he started laughing because laughter is contagious and all and so yeah, 3 minutes later I got my order out and left with my head in my hands and tail between my legs. I know he thinks I am insane. Oh Well, maybe I am!

Yep! That is probably how a first date would go for me.


  1. I loved this story... so cute!

    The laughing fit would have been so funny and sweet.

  2. Funny story...isn't it amazing the effect certain people have on us?

  3. That is the sweetest little story I have heard in ages. I laughed out loud (with you, not at you). Gorgeous boys make me go silly as well.

    Also, drive up coffee stand? I wish we had those here in Sydney! V.


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