Tuesday, October 12, 2010

kick me while I am down

Got this lovely comment today to a post I did way back when...

Anonymous said...
how about that realize band national recall, every band has been recalled due to a part around the port. Also new data from the Realize Spokesman Dr. Ponce saying you will lose significantly more weight with the Lap-Band than the Realize or Realize C band

go on and kick me while I'm down why don't you?


  1. I find nothing on a recall via google - only a link back to this site. I also searched Dr. Ponce and found nothing.

  2. I went to the FDA website on medical device recalls and there is nothing listed. this is a hoax by some one.
    you can check for yourself

  3. Totally not true, but still hurtful. Why do trolls leave these kind of comments...ugh. :( Hang in there.

  4. What a crazy thing to do to someone!!! Some people are so weird. I doubt that one style of band has any significant difference in overall weight loss. They both work in the same way. My doc picks the band based on the size of the stomach since the bands have slightly different sizing and have the same results. Someone just wants to stir up problems and they will get theirs in the end.

  5. What a dick! Just ignore it hon, I don't think its true. First time I have heard anything like this (and seems for all of us too.) Chin up babes xx

  6. Haven't heard anything about this and I work for a hospital.

  7. Would it be nice if they didn't post as 'Anonymous' so that we could give them some cruel hoak comments too!!

    Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.


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