Saturday, April 9, 2011

a day in the life of a bandster (18 mo. out)

I can't watch the clips from the Dr. Oz show but have read enough to realize this woman was 1. lying or 2. way too tight!

Yesterday went as such:

5-6 am 2 cups of coffee

7am one bottle of water with my allergy medication

8am luna bar - nutz over chocolate


about 11 the husband wanted some pancakes. I tried a couple bites of one (I hate syrup) so it was dry. Got stuck, dumb girl


Went for my hike

1pm sliced some skinless apple, sharp cheddar cheese, hummus, and about 5 crackers


5pm made ground beef taco's with the super small corn tortillas. I ate two, both with a little cheese, green onion, olives and one slice each of avocado.

Although that was a larger dinner than most days, overall it was a pretty light eating day.

Typical meals
Breakfast/brunch I have one of the following:

Protein bar
canned corned beef hash
an egg w/cheese in a low carb wrap
special k protein cereal

Lunch 1-3PM

I eat tuna often for lunch. An entire can mixed with cottage cheese and avocado
few slices of deli meat wrapped around string cheese
taco bell if out - pintos and cheese, crunchy taco (I can't do the chicken there)

Dinner 5PM

I cook most nights
We have a lot of the same things over and over and over again.

canned salmon patties
baked fish
whole roasted chicken
tortilla soup
pinto beans
Mexican based meals

I try to include a veggie with dinner.

Things I can't eat:
reheated meats
cooked mushrooms
bread for the most part
pasta - although I can eat ravioli
fruits with skin still on
french fries
hot dogs, sausage, links unless I skin them

trigger foods:
carbs.... nuff said! I will be chasing that carb high all day long.

Well... I have some major events I need to blog about soon but right now I get to go pick up my kitty from the vets where he had surgery on Tuesday so I need to run...



  1. I can't do pasta or bread either. I can do sausage though for some reason. Eggs are a problem unless I eat them really slowly. Fruit is a major problem for me. Forget bananas!

    Good luck with the kitty!

  2. I can't do reheated meats either! I hate that, as we eat out quite a bit (I make good choices out though) and a typical meal out can give me four good meals, but lately I have not be able to do left overs! it is such a waste of money! gonna have to stop that!

  3. I can't do reheated meat either if I warm it in the microwave. Sometimes if it's chicken breast, I just leave it cook and put it in a salad or make chicken salad.

  4. Leave it cold not cook... Where is my brain these days?

  5. Hope your kitty gets well soon...cant wait for the major event updates :)

  6. Interesting to hear what you eat - that tuna, avocado, cottage cheese concoction sounds SO healthy. Wish I liked tuna and eggs more, they seem like good bandster foods.

    Hope kitty is feeling better. :)

  7. make that 20 months out.... having a little trouble with addition.

  8. You little tease on the major tell. I hope it's good - I could use something to smile about.


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