Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WTF Wednesday

WTF or Why the F*** is it so hard for me to get a blog post published? I mean, I have all day, everyday that I could devote to the cause. I write in my head a lot but they never make it to my blog. I guess I'm still in a funky spot and am trying not to use this place to bitch and moan.

WTF is the deal with fingernail clippers & pens that actually write in my house? I swear, they walk away. I'm going to attach something to them like when you get the keys to a service station restroom. I've looked for both this morning so I'm frustrated. lol

WTF is the up with having to do peoples jobs for them? I have had three issues this week (so far) where they clearly dropped the ball and I did it myself when IT WASN'T MY JOB! Nothing major, just time suck stuff where I'd follow up on stuff only to find that it was a good thing I did because it was stalled in the process somewhere.

WTF is in a Jack in the Box taco? I really want to know... No I don't..Don't tell me.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I can never find fingernail clippers that write either! Grrrrrrrr! So frustrating...

  2. Bitch and moan all you want...I'll still read. It's your space. xoxo

  3. bahahah..I am so with you. Ok except the Jack..They sell tacos?:) I thought it was a hamburger place?



  4. Ugh, those tacos are so gross. :( It's kangaroo meat, I think. lol

  5. You have the cutest little girl grandbaby........aren't we lucky??


  6. Buy some of those little clapper key chains to attach to the thingsthat get lost.


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