Monday, September 21, 2009

The weekend Pitfall

The weekends seem to be my pitfall. No routine, sleep in, drink lots of coffee, eat off schedule and make poor choices and let us not forget that I routinely forget to take my vitamins too :x
I need to figure out a way to get through them without going so far off track! Ideas people?

On the flip side I tend to get quite a bit more exercise on the weekends vs. weekdays I guess I should focus on the positives, right? I got about 99% of the things I had on my "to do" list completed this weekend and a few bonus items that I had not planned on. example: took the pool down, no small task.

I've been taking advantage of my new work hours as I get off at 4pm now and that gives me a little more daylight to get in a few hikes around my ranch. We have been climbing to our water holding tank to check the water level as we had a bit of a scare this summer...the well seems to be producing now but we are still being careful.

I have my third fill scheduled for this Wednesday and I am thinking I am getting close to a good spot with my band...I don't feel a lot of hunger, in fact sometimes eating is a chore and I have to set aside time to get it done. However, I can eat quite a bit and rarely get stuck or PB. I have avoided a few things that I though would give me trouble and am now trying them one by one. I can't do bread, not even toasted....but today I was able to eat a pita half w/o any trouble.

Well, sorry for the boring post. You all are very creative and I enjoy reading your blogs :) I will leave you with a couple pictures of the trail to my water tank that I've been hiking. and a gift left by our resident black bear after eating quite a few blackberries!
Happy Monday!


  1. LOL, nice pic!

    I am so bad about the weekends too. I need to get a grip.

    Good luck with that first fill! Sounds like you are doing well so far. Looking forward to my first fill next week.

  2. Great pics - ok maybe not the poop - LOL :). Good luck with your 3rd fill.


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