Saturday, October 24, 2009

If I can't eat....I might as well shop!

Yes, check out these bad boys! My first unemployment check....gone baby gone. I am kidding about that. I haven't received one yet, I just felt the need to spoil myself....and to be fair, they were on sale at zappos and the dirty bastards kept telling me there was only one left in my I clicked on purchase and haven't looked back.

As I mentioned in my last post where I was being a big baby....I had my 4th fill last Wednesday and have a scheduled appointment on Tuesday in case I need a wee bit more or perhaps an unfill. My insurance covers 90 days of fills and Oct 30th will be the cut off.
I now have 6.5 cc and feel restricted but I do not think too much. I will share what I was able to eat today...

One egg - 7g
well toasted english muffin (bran) dry - 5g
one vanillia yogurt - 7g

about 1.5 cups of iceburg
one can of drained tuna - (26g) mixed with an avacado and a couple of tablespoons of basalmic
got about 3/4 of it eaten

whole wheat toast...darn near burnt - 5g
lowfat chunky peanut butter 7g

coffee & water

I never felt any hunger...I just looked at the clock and thought...oh, I should eat something. What a strange feeling, one I could get used to.

Thank you to all who responded to my last post (any of my posts while I am at it) I will be fine and it sure helps to keep the spirits up when I am reminded that opportunity will again come my way.....I just need to be open to it!

Goodnight - Jen


  1. Your daily intake seems so small, but right on track too! Can't wait for the days that I can feel satisfied with so little food!

  2. Nice meal plan! Isn't it constantly amazing just how little we now need to keep us going: imagine how much we used to put away before and it's not hard to see why were got big. Great food choices too. Really healthy!

    Jen, you're doing so great, really you are. You weren't being a big baby - we all listen and nod our heads in understanding, because in one way or another, we have been there.
    Those boots are so unusual looking - but you know what.. I do like them. Very snazzy.

  3. Hell in place of all those calories! Works for me!! Loving those boots. They would look great with skinny jeans and a simple black turtleneck and some silver jewelry! I can see you in the entire ensemble now!!! Yes, we are "sole sisters"....!
    Keep up the great work and keep collecting great does the heart and mind and soul good!
    Onward Jen!


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