Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swimming in a sea of blue post-it-notes....

Just wanted to post a quick hello :)

I am so busy at work and my hours have changed.. it has me a bit sluggish!

Per the title: there is 11 blue post-its on my desk reminding me to complete even a few simple tasks. When I get real tired/stressed I get very forgetful... so I write myself notes.

I've been keeping up on all your blogs via my blackberry...so I don't comment often cause it is a pain in the butt on my phone. Keep up the great work everyone :)

OH, had a cool NSV on Sat. My horseshoer had been out a week after my surgery and I wouldn't have told him about it but he was ready to belt my horse as he thought she bit me... What did happen is she was rubbing her head on me and nudged my port site HARD! I started crying (wtg Jen, cry in front of the wayyyy handsome horseshoer) So I spilled all about it....embarrassing!

Anyway, he came again on sat. and the first thing he said was "I can see that band thing is working for you" instead of being all " the band is working cause I'm making it work" I said thanks!

and another cool NSV is that I can shop at old navy like an average sized person. Took me home a pair of long jeans, flair in a 16.. a freaking 16 Holy Hell it felt good!

Hope to post again soon... I'm trying :)
Threw in a pic from the zipline adventure...I'd be the tall one, lol


  1. Whooooooo what a great post, Jen. I had noticed you hadn't been around, so glad it's just work instead of something more serious.
    :) You go girl. x

  2. WOO HOO the size 16s! I just hit this milestone, its the best! You look great too!


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