Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fill #5 and short lived restriction

Yesterday I had fill #5 and this came one week after fill #4. After fill #4 I had my first feeling of restriction and reduced hunger. It was very short lived however! :(   I seem like I can go much longer between meals than pre-banding and it takes way less volume of food to satisfy me, but I knew I was still consuming too much, too fast without any "hang ups" so I did another fill. I think I am very very close.

Being recently laid off (one week) I have been trying to be very aware of grazing or depression eating and have been doing well. I will give myself a B+  I started the couch to 5k training program. I never, ever, ever, ever thought about running. EVER!  But on one of my power walks a week or so ago I just broke out into a run, like out of nowhere, like for no bear was chasing me, no cougar in sight, I hadn't left the kettle on.... I just started running. Okay, to be honest it was for maybe, maybe 2 minutes and I was gasping for air and felt like my legs would fall off... but there was something very empowering about it and I have kept it up since, increasing my time and distance each attempt. WTF? running?

Not much of a blog today...just trying to settle in to a new groove with the whole being home thing. Think I will put a pot of soup on and watch the rain fall.


  1. YES!!!! Running is totally empowering. It is so awesome that you are doing this! I love running and I feel so lucky that I can do it. (Even at my super slow, walk break pace). I know many people have injuries or other issues that prevent them from running.

    My motto is, if you can run, you must run!

  2. Something is better than regards to running! Awesome job! You will be able to do a little more each time!

    I hope this fill brings you some good restriction!

  3. Whooo Jen. How awesome you got up and RAN! Major NSV.. seriously is.
    Hope you start to get in a groove soon - it's rough considering you've had a major change in your life.
    Fingers crossed you get some nice restriction

  4. Woweee Jen! Running....whew I could never do that when I was thin. More power to you!

    Let's do get together. Would love to have some lapband buddies. I do not know the other SOBC Bloggers....what are their sites? Maybe we could all meet for lunch or dinner or coffee sometime.

    Congrats to you and hope to meet you soon. We have lots in common. I just stopped working full time as well so it is definitely a change.

    Take care,

  5. I'm also not a runner and have no desire to ever take up running. So from one non-runner to another, I'm impressed! Keep up the good work!


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