Friday, December 11, 2009

No one tells you.....

No one tells you how much colder you'll get after WLS and weight loss in general. I have found that I am not alone with this. I AM SO COLD! All the time, even back in Sept. when it was still quite warm.
We here in Southern Oregon have been in a cold snap and on the mountain where I live it has been 12-14 degrees overnight and has warmed to a high of 24! (I think today is supposed to be a heat wave - 30's) I live on a small ranch and our heat source is wood. If the fire dies down the temp drops fast in this house! Brrrr...
Remember me bitching about our well drying up in the summer....well yesterday we had pipes freeze and burst and hubby has them nearly fixed. I've been hauling 5 gallon buckets of water to my horse as all of those pipes froze up too (good work out at least)
Had my 6th fill on Wednesday. I got .3 cc's This puts me at 8.4 roughly in my realize band.(this is half of my un-fill back) I am losing slowly but steady, gaining muscle and losing fat! I feel I have great restriction (today) and I am rarely hungry. I need to work on increasing my water intake but it is so cold I am drinking tea & coffee mostly.
Something I have found much easier is going out to a meal. I can pretty much order from any menu without a lot of special requests. I find I can make 2 meals out of pretty much any order. I have become a fan of the roasted chicken from the grocery store. I drain all the drippings and throw the skin away when I get it home, then baggie it up for a few servings. It seems to stay moist even with reheating so I like that!
Better get moving, I have heaps of laundry piled up from the busted pipe situation.
Just thought I would post SOMETHING, even if it is a bunch of bitching. :)

Here are a couple pictures of one of our frozen ponds...


  1. I have found that I do get a little colder then before....but I can't tell if it is all in my mind or not. But I used to joke about being insulated like a polar bear....

  2. It wasn't bitching.... ;-) I stay cold too unless I'm working out! We are experiencing cold temps (15 - 20 degrees) and I am under an afghan if @ home! Sorry about the pipes but what a workout taking water to the horse and that backed up laundry will be done in no time. Gen is gonna lose it! She has a great attitude and some restriction! Meals out ~ I usually stick with soup, it seems to work best for me. Keep up the good work!! ;-)

  3. I KNOW RIGHT!!! I Am freezing ALL THE TIME! and I am in Florida!!!!

  4. The whole pipe bursting situation really sucks. Good thing your husband was able to get things fixed! I've heard people say they are always cold after losing weight. I haven't experienced that...yet. It's also been really cold up here in WA, it was supposed to snow this week but nothing yet.

  5. LOL This seems to be the theme with a lot of us bloggers right now - the cold (not for me though - I'm in the stinky heat lol summer..yayyy! ooh sorry did I just make you envious xx)

    Sorry about your burst pipes - what a pain in the patootie. I can imagine having to rely on the heater would be a tad 'painful' so stock up on that wood. And oh your pics were gorgeous.. cute little dog and what a view of the lake. It's all so foreign to me as things just don't get that cold here. I'm starting to wish it did though - nothing like snuggling down in a couch with a blanket and coffee and reading.. ahhhh bliss.

  6. Hello! Thanks for following my blog. I am so excited to read through your past posts to learn more about your personal experiences with this too. Congrats on your weight loss so far, and wishing you the best of luck with the rest! :)

  7. Hi

    I came to look as i noticed you added my blog t your list. Wow Grants Pass. I am up in Portland. Are you getting the snow yet? Eugene is apparently getting ice.

    I am freezing all the time but did know it would probably happen as my daughter and good friend lost a lot of weight before me. It makes total sense as in reality we have lost large amounts of fat that once served as a coat for us. I call it my 93 pound parka.


  8. Wow Jen, I thought we were having a cold spell!! We live in the valley about an hours drive from Sacramento & we have been having nights where the lows are getting down into the 20's which is very rare for us!! But you have it so much worse! Then to have the pipes freeze & burst, wow!

    As for feeling the cold much more, I too have noticed it. Like Tina said, when we start losing that layer of fat, our bodies gets colder easier. If you look at it that way, it is a good thing!

    Hope the pipes gets repaired quickly & you are able to keep the house warm.

    Happy Holidays

  9. Jen, I can totally relate to the feeling cold part.. I guess that nice little layer of insulation is slowly melting away. That's one heck of a workout you described and sounds like something they would have the biggest loser contestants do (carry their weight in buckets).

    Just think how wonderful your arms are going to look by spring :)


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