Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I have been looking at this blank post page for the last two hours trying to come up with a post of resolutions. I think fear has me stuck. I mean really, how many years have we resolved to lose weight only to fail? NOT. ANY. MORE.

I've always loved when the calendar turns. It feels new, clean and optimistic (at least in the beginning, lol) I like to fill in all the important dates on a fresh calendar. Look for what day my b/d falls on and even though nothing but the date has changed there is a feeling that we can let go of the past years failures whatever they might be.

Am I in a better place than this time last year? YES! I am more healthy at nearly 60 lbs. lighter. I have dealt with some demons that had a hand in me being unhealthy (mind, body & spirit) and I have for the first time in my life put myself first, made my happiness, health and dreams a priority. This is huge people!
But I can't help but want more and this scares me! Now that I have had a taste it has made me want more, feel entitled to more, deserving of more....but more what? I have not figured that out yet.

So here goes the short list
I resolve to:

Follow the bandster rules (water, vitamins, protein first, work out)

Live more simply, with less STUFF.

And lastly, curb my co-dependent habits

I wish you all happiness, luck and good health in the new year.


  1. Glad you're putting yourself first. The fact that you want more shows what a good thing it is! It has only been since I became a mom that I haven't been putting myself's really easy to fall into that pattern. This year I'll be working on taking care of me a little more too.

  2. Darl,
    I get that wanting more for yourself is scary - I'm actually going thru the exact same thing: no more being unempowered for me.. no more sitting back and letting things happen - I'm taking control.

    You should do what some of us are doing. Think hard of a word that emcompasses what you want for yourself this year.. 2010 and write it down. Use it to bring you to where you want to be. I have the word FOCUS.. Kinzies is Believe, Sally has Adventure, Debi has Strength and there's lots more out there..

    I hope you had a lovely NYE!!! xxx

  3. Lindas is Actualize !! I just read hers.. there's another xx lol sorry just had to add it.

  4. Gooo Jen......Its like redoing your house and seeing that the couch is shabby. I think we are all works in progress and when you fix up one thing something else pales in comparison. The good news is we get to work on this stuff as long as it takes.


  5. I'm just catching up on your blog now (sorry for being such a slacker) but since Jan 1st was the day before my own HUGE birthday (and it wasn't 40!) I can give you some insite. My 40's were by far the absolute BEST times of my life!!!! Well, most of it was anyway. We had our share of ups and downs, but for well over half my 40's there were way more ups than downs. And it was soooooo much easier to put myself, and/or ourselves (hubby and me) first!! Kids were gone, or at least old enough we didn't have to worry about who might take of whom, is there anyone, anywhere, how will keep BOTH boys, at once? Will the house be safe if we leave it for a weekend/week/longer? All of those worries were gone like the wind. And it was fantastic!!! We traveled, we talked, we did what we wanted whether it was together or seperate. But mostly, we enjoyed living and life! Granted, a part of this was brought about by hubby having a heart attack at the ripe old age of 41 (I was already 43), but hey, it made him open his eyes and realize HE/WE had things HE/WE wanted to do before he left this earth.
    Now I've passed the next huge milestone in my life, 50. And I've decided, I love my husband, I love my kids, I totally and comepletely love ALL my grandchildren,'s all about ME now. Does that sound selfish? I'm sure it does. But after the last 5 years, I deserve way more "ME" time. And I plan on enjoying every second of it.
    (And just in case you might be wondering, I kinda have a feeling this is something common for women when they turn 50. With places like Facebook, I've reconnected with old school friends, and it seems as though the majority of the women (I still call them girls) from my class have this same philosophy. But we have more than just being classmates in common, we are all either getting ready to turn or have already turned 50. And believe me, this is a HUGE milestone. So enjoy your 40's, but be prepared for a different sort of enjoyment in your 50's. So far it hasn't been terrible.)


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