Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Nomination - Thanks Band-Babe!

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Wow! That was cool to be nominated by Band-Babe (Lara) Thank you very much!  She and I share a mutual affection for firemen :)  

Hmmm, Seven interesting things about myself? That is a stretch! Haven't I shared all by now?

1. I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 36! We've been together 25 years. We have three children and  in the grand scheme of things have been pretty solid. It might not be traditional but it has worked for us so far. (I'm 40 now and he is 61)

2. I'm shy....not just shy but S-H-Y! I break out in hives, have panic attacks and have come close to fainting when in new social situations. I hate it but have no control over it. I keep trying and so far have not made a complete fool of myself..... yet. It is the one thing I would change OVER losing weight if I could snap my fingers and be healed.

3. I've kept and maintained an anonymous erotic blog for about five years now....that I won't be sharing ;)~ Guess I am not so shy when under the veil of anonymity!

4. I'm really restless at this point in my life. I feel like "my time" is so close I can taste it.... just not sure what to do with myself. My youngest will turn 18 in June and not that your job as a mother is ever done.... but I feel like it is one of the hurdles and once over it I can take more time for myself without feeling guilty. 

5. My Dad was a polygamist. Not like "Big Love" type but he traveled for work as a private investigator and had multiple relationships. We didn't know anything about it until after he died and I found out he had another daughter. I've met her a couple times. It is strange....I keep waiting for more siblings to turn up out of the blue.

6. I've been searching for years for an artistic outlet. I feel the need to "create" but pretty much suck at everything I have tried so far or I get bored with it. I've tried it all....painting, scrapbooking, beads, knitting, pottery, leather work, photography.... Nothing keeps my interest but I am still searching. I think I would like to learn how to tie flies. (for fly fishing) at least I could give them away to some of the guys I work with.

7. Although I do a bit of office work now....I spent a good number of years working construction (as a Hydroseeder) Hydroseeding is the green stuff you see being sprayed along the side of the freeway on hillsides. It is an application used to prevent erosion on newly disturbed earth. The green stuff is just a dye so you can see where you sprayed. The rest is a mix of mulch made from recycled newspaper, seeds, fertilizer and a glue made from seaweed. I loved that work. My husband and I ended up starting our own Erosion Control company. We just recently sold it in California.

Okay, now for my nominees:

Cara Rocks, always a constant! Beautiful person, Beautiful family and a Beautiful Blogger :) 

Roo! I like to live sorta vicariously through her adventures & travels. She is so brave!!!

What can I say except inspiration, funny and the first blog I found when looking into the band!

Love, love, love Tiffani's comments. Always upbeat. I hope you get answers soon on your band front. Thinking about you xoxo

Great blogger! I love her honesty and encouragement!

Lap Band Gal
The first blogger I ever saw in real life! We have the same Doc and NP...and check out her new progress photo, it is fantastic!
Also a local bandster whom I had the pleasure to meet last month. She is taking on the Couch to 5k with a vengeance! 

Every single blogger I follow has made a difference in my journey thus far! You ALL are Beautiful Bloggers! 


  1. I love that list about you...erotic blog?? How mysterious :-)

  2. Verrrry interesting! Erotic blog AND polygamist father. Wow!

    P.S. I met my DH when we were BOTH 15!

  3. Erotic blog?! It's always the shy ones, isn't it? You win the prize for the most shocking reveals!

    Have you notice whether your shyness has gotten better since you've lost weight? There's shy and then there's shy and self-conscious, which sounds like the sixth circle of hell. Has your weight loss made a difference?

  4. :)--excellent acceptance speech.

  5. Congrats on the award...I agree with you that those blogs are great

  6. Ahh I have a tear.... seriously! You know I love you too, Jen... I have a real soft spot for you and if we ever meet - well, world watch out. Thank you for the nomination.
    I LOVE that you have an erotic blog. It just shows you are multi-faceted - which I always knew anyway (we are fellow writers!!) I think your seven things are damn interesting - mine now seem boring in comparison. Have a lovely weekend beautiful lady. xx

  7. I knew you wouldn't fail to impress... LOVE your "7"! And it is ALWAYS the shy ones!?! ;)

  8. Aww, thank you so much for the nomination! :) I try to give the support I would want to receive (and have been getting!) so I appreciate the nod in that direction as well! :)

    VERY interesting about the erotic blog... I totally want to find it now LOL.


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