Monday, February 8, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still kicking! I'm just a slacker. I went back to work to fill in for someone for a couple weeks and then left for a few days in Lake Tahoe with my sisters. Today I am back at work but only today this week.... I am ready to rest a day or two!

I will report that my scale was kind to me this morning :) The lowest I have seen in 18 years! I had expected it to go up with the travel (11hr drive where I ate a bag of BBQ lay's) We ate pretty healthy at the cabin, went out to dinner one night but all I had was a burger less the bun and a few pieces of calamari. I increased my water back to 60-80oz. Not sure what the deal is but I am not complaining! Maybe with my Vegas trip coming up in a couple weeks I will lose again? Maybe? It could happen!

I was laughing at my last support group about how before when I would go to Las Vegas I would look at all the menus online before we would go to see all the goodies I wanted to try... But now I was searching the menus in a whole different mindset... What can I have?

Got some bad news from my NP last week.... Looks like my cholesterol actually went up in the last six months. Not what I wanted to hear but I think it may have a lot to do with the fact that prior to surgery I ate very little meat and no cheese or milk products whatsoever. Bread & Veggies, that was me... So, I guess I have start watching the meats & dairy I have been choosing. High cholesterol runs in my family so it was suggested that I see my PCP and talk about medication. UGGGHH WTF? That was one of the motivations for doing this surgery in the first avoid medication! Time will tell I guess. In all honesty I haven't been as active the past couple months as the first four but I am hoping that with the longer days and better weather ahead I will get back into it.

I am going to catch up on all the blogs tonight. (I didn't have internet in Tahoe) so I am WAY BEHIND!!! Promise to catch up though :)


  1. Ugh what a drag! I wonder if the higher cholesterol is just a transition, temporary sort of thing? Hope so!

  2. Ewww, that sucks. It was one of my motivations too, getting off the meds I'm on and avoiding any others. See what happens with some added exercise and that's about all you can do, right?

    Congrats on getting to a new low! :)

  3. Congrats re the good news on the scale front! Hope the cholesterol levels get back to normal and you can avoid the meds.

  4. Once you get behind on blogs it's almost impossible to get caught these days!!!! Glad you are having fun!

  5. Lowest in 18 years is amazing! Congratulations!

  6. Wow, you're lowest weight in 18 years, that is worth a WOO HOO!

  7. Yes good news on the scales but blah to the chlolesterol!!! Hope you avoid the meds

  8. I was thinking about cholesterol too because I feel like I am eating so many more eggs than I used to as it is easy to get down and good protein...

    Woo hoo on the weight look fab


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