Monday, February 22, 2010

Sitting in my swanky hotel....alone :)

Arrived in Vegas on an uneventful flight that I had the pleasure of sitting by a chatty young man... okay, he might have been 30-35 but he was so nice and could tell I was not comfortable flying... he chatted while we took off and it made the trip go by fast. It was only 1hr 24min in the air.
For some reason I spilled my whole story to him about the band and fear of the plane seat and blah blah blah.... Now I think why couldn't I have just shut up already...

NSV: plane seat was awesome, plenty of room and the belt had 8-10" left on the tail of it!

Arrived and checked into a beautiful suite and thought about hanging and ordering something from in suite dining but couldn't find anything that sounded band friendly so check this shit out......
I went downstairs and entered a restaurant BY MY SELF and ordered a meal and enjoyed it quite a bit. (baked chicken breast and some yummy smashed yams)  Then promptly lost $50 in a slot machine and called it quits.
So now I am hanging in the room, watching some tv and thinking about hitting up the spa tomorrow for a haircut as I didn't get around to it before leaving. The rest of my crew gets here tomorrow afternoon so I may go do a walk of the strip and scout out some coffee if I can't get an appointment for my hair.

They actually have a scale in the bathroom! A Scale! nothing like keeping you accountable :) 
Well my peeps, I've bored you enough about my little adventure.....Goodnight!


  1. Sounds like fun :-)

    I can so relate to your chat on the plane - I always seem to find myself talking to strangers whilst traveling!

    Hope you get some time to enjoy yourself

  2. You're never boring girl! The time away does sound nice though - go to the spaaaaaaa, go to the spaaaaa (bit like..follow the lighttttt... lol) Have a gorgeous haircut, spend a few hours on yourself and enjoy... oh and dont leave the air cond on and end up like a popsicle ;)

  3. Yes, definitely go to the spa! Spend some time in the steam room or sauna, have a massage or something and luxuriate in your time alone and your new, hot bod. Have a great time!

  4. Ahhh...a day alone...what a gift! Have a great time with the girls/mom!

  5. Ahhh...a day alone AND in Vegas! Sounds like fun. I would put in a complaint to the hotel about the scale--or reset it so it reads really low. LOL. I wonder what is going through their minds when they thought a scale would be a great accessory--why not a luffah (sp?)or a free bottle of wine or something useful.

  6. Ah! I want to go back to Vegas!!! Have so much fun. And if you are a drinker at all, Olives at the Bellagio makes a yummy martini and a crab cakes. ;-)

  7. Have a great time and you should definitely visit the spa, it's a necessary part of the vacation experience.

  8. woohooooooooo :) isnt being skinnier on the plane the best feeling on earth? Luxuriate in your alone Vegas time! and have a blast when the rest get there too!

  9. Sounds like a great time. You are brave getting a stranger to do your way for me!!! Have a great time

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Vegas, ALONE? I'd LOVE it!!! Seems hubby and I have such different tastes, it's sometimes hard for the 2 of us to do anything which pleases both of us. Of course, I am the person who enjoys going anywhere alone. Think it's left over from the days when the kids were little and I couldn't even be alone in the bathroom! Oh wait! Now I have 3 cats and 2 of them love the bathroom, so I STILL can't get any alone time in there!


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