Friday, April 2, 2010



1. If you could be a Superhero (like Gilly) - what would you be called or what would your powers be?
I'd be Firestarter! I'd be able to light a big log on my wood stove (our only heat source) With the added bonus of randomly shooting fire at annoying people

2. Name one physical thing you love about you and one mental thing you love about you.

Physical - My is what I look at first on people as well

Mental - That I am a sponge. If I hear something or read it somewhere I retain it....sometime down the road I am able to rattle it off in a way that makes me seem smart :)

3. If you stood in front of God (or whatever Supreme Being you may believe in) - what question would you ask him?

What was up with all the tests & temptations? and How did I score overall?

4. Besides yourself - who was/is your biggest enabler in your weight loss journey?

Enabler in loss as opposed to enabler against loss?... the second is easier to answer unfortunately. All I will say is that there is one very unlikely person who really came through...but shall remain nameless..And Claire (my band)

5. What do you do for a living (another reader request question)?

My education is all in Emergency medical/pre-nursing, although I have never earned a living in the medical field. I have worked in the landscape construction industry for years. Erosion control being my primary field. Currently I work for a small commercial construction company who has two main divisions. We build and re-image gas stations (like if a Shell becomes an Exxon we go and change all the signs and decals) The second part of the job is that we build a chain of coffee houses (drive-up) called Dutch Bros.

6. Whose blog hit home for you this week or whose blog made you think the most this week?
I'd have to say Band-babes post for weekday dish (April Fools edition)
I realized I will never eat like that again but I did, day after day for years.


  1. Nice answers. Hope you don't shoot fire when you are at a gas station. Will you try out for Jeopardy? With all those tidbits floating around you might as well try for some money. Me, my brain is a sieve. In one ear, out the other. Can barely remember the names of my friends.

  2. I love these get to know you sessions! Great answers!

  3. Is that first, new pic w/ the gorgeous cat eye YOU?


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