Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monthly Stats - For Gen

Slow & steady... I'll take it.
There is something missing from the totals and that is included on my print-outs and that is there was a few months with quite a bit of lean muscle gain and fat loss that off-set a bigger loss. This makes the overall totals okay with me because that muscle is helping to burn calories!

June, 2009 9.8

July, 2009 18.2 (two week liquid diet )


Aug, 2009 4.3 (Aug. 27th first fill - 4cc's)

Sept,2009 2.9

Oct, 2009 1

Nov, 2009 14.7 (major stuck episode/unfill/liquids/death in family)

Dec, 2009 2.9

Jan. 6, 2010 (Last fill I have had, brought me to 9.4 in 11cc realize band)

Jan, 2010 4

Feb, 2010 5.9

Mar, 2010 6.8

Apr, 2010 (so far) 2.8


  1. Jen - What type of muscle toning stuff did you and do you do? I'm doing really well on the cardio, but not doing anything other than that.

  2. Holy Crapola. You have kick ass loss. Consistently.

    You have sexy eyes, too! I love that cat eye picture. The exposure on it is cool, too.

  3. Jen, You had BETTER come on this little band trip. If you're honestly shy, just stick with me. I'm not shy, and I will literally hold your hand. Plus you have some sexy legs to show off...


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