Monday, May 10, 2010

A picture post * bit-o-skin * Mother's day gift?

For Mother's Day my daughter set me up in her studio and took some pictures.
Through the evening there were 277 pictures taken and about 7 keepers :)

Honestly, I was really afraid to see them as they popped up one by one on her HUGE flat screen (I do most of my stuff on a mini laptop.... for a good reason!)

Yes, there were plenty that I wanted to crop, delete, hold my hand over and scream Don't Look!!! but there were a few that I said - WTH? That is not as bad as I thought it would be!

It was a cool gift because for the first time since surgery I could see a difference. I mean, I notice stuff here and there...but when I look in the full length I still see the same person as 9 months ago when I was 79 f'ing lbs heavier...yes, that dang pound just won't take a hike so I can claim 80. In fact, every couple days for the past month I add 3, drop 2, add 1 BUT THE MATH NEVER = 80!
Oh well, it will happen, eventually, when I'm an old lady.

So, because I want to be brave like my hero Band-Babe... I am going to share these here... even with a little skin showing.


  1. wowza...those are some great pictures. The one with you straddling the guitar is downright saucy.

    Your daughter is very talented.


  2. Jen, those photos are awesome...your daughter did a terrific job and I am sure there were alot more than 7 out of 277! The black and white one with the guitar is my fav! you look like a rock chick!

  3. Oooh ooh ooh! Mama Mia.. sexy lady. Love them!! And what a beautiful job your daughter did capturing you. That guitar will never be the same!!

  4. Hotsy-Totsy with the guitar! Great pics!

  5. You look great!!!! How fun that your daughter did that for you! She must be so proud of you!

  6. GORGEOUS! I am so loving that guitar straddling ROCK STAR! You look so wonderful! Great mom's day gift!!
    So, what are you doing with them?????
    Can't wait to hear!

  7. Love those pics - what a great gift. You look gorgeous!

  8. I'm blushing! I'm trying to find just the right words here... you look really good. How about the ones for your other blog??? Oh, don't think I've forgotten about that! These would probably work well there... and you are so naturally photogenic. As much as fun as I think it would be, I wouldn't be able to pull anything like this off. Wow. Keep rocking it.

  9. Fantastic.. you look great and your daughter has a great eye...
    very nice keepsakes.

  10. You just gave me a new goal. When I lose all the weight I want to, I'm going to get professional pictures done like these. They are awesome. I just got 80 followers, so I am going to make a prediction that your 80 lbs will be coming soon.

  11. These pics are great!!! You look amazing and beautiful and skinny and all positive things I can think of...

  12. Awesome!!!! Skinny! You look fabulous.

  13. first off - as a guy I would have to say "give me that guitar, I want to play (now realized I do play guitar)"

    next - Band-Babe what other blog?

  14. Dang Girl! You are HOT! Hey, we're supposed to be getting just keep getting more beautiful. Proud to be your cousin :)


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