Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Weekday Dish

I saw a couple blogs had posted what they were eating today so I thought with the new year and all perhaps we can try to bring weekday dish back into the mix.


8am - Coffee

10am - Clif bar 10g

11ish - Coffee

noon - 1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1/2 a peeled, chopped honey crisp apple and about 10 whole walnuts (all mixed together with a little black pepper) 15g

2pm - one slice of a combo thin crust (frozen/store bought) pizza 8g

4pm - decaf coffee

5pm - salmon burger (patty only)
I love using canned salmon. I just open, drain, mash up to crush all the little bones that are soft but I don't like to bite into them, mix with a couple T. of flour, same amount of yellow cornmeal and one egg and some old bay. makes 7 english muffin size burgers. I use a non-stick pan with a spray till crisp (about 3 min a side) I squeeze lemon right before pulling from pan and use some FF sour cream with old bay and hot sauce mixed to dip.... each one is about 16g of protein. not sure on calories. 1.5 is about my limit (tonight was lunch was late)

now I am drinking water. I think I had about half a bottle during the day and 1/2 a G2 grape Gatorade.

near 50g for the day.. I've been closer to 40 for a couple months but I have no hunger, it is a struggle. A welcomed struggle though.

What did you eat today?


  1. I meant to add that they (salmon) are great for a brunch meal with a poached egg on top... That will be tomorrow!

  2. Sounds yummy! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. That burger sounds amazing! I will have to try that - I don't eat enough fish. xx Thanks for posting and I agree - we all need to start doing the eating routine again for all to see.

  4. I'm joining in on your blog. I love the idea of posting your daily food. Great idea.

  5. Thx for posting, I always love to hear what everyone is eating..


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