Monday, January 24, 2011

insane in the membrane

Couldn't think of a title but this post is all over the place so you be the judge.

Friday I will be having an MRI on my brain looking for lesions/signs of MS
I've never had an MRI before, little freaked but it is an "open" type. They said to bring a CD to listen to so I am trying to decide what type of music I would like to bring. Maybe I'll go CD shopping! lol any excuse, right?

I am also scheduled for a fill on Friday, YAY! I think I am only going to request .1 as I am at 9.4 (I think)

I'm up about 3 lbs. since October but I'm okay with that because of the inactivity and lack of routine. (and grilled cheese sandwiches/carb chasing for energy) I have decided that while I have the down time that I do at the moment I am going to focus the energy I do have on finding answers.

Just watched HEAVY on A&E. It still draws me in when there are so many childhood abuse or sexual abuse stories linked to obese adults.(this is where my story started along with some trauma)

I'm meeting up with a friend for coffee tomorrow and am looking forward to that. An actual trip to town that doesn't include white coats! (unless the catch up to me)



  1. Oh no Jen.. I literally just got a phone call from the hospital, they are trying to do a brain MRI on my husband (with contrast).. and his blood pressure dropped and he is on a ventilator so it was a no go.. so when I read this it startled me.. did they want to do a lumbar puncture too?
    Here is wishing you all the best.. I think the procedure is pretty easy.. just requires you to stay very very still... sending you good vibes...

  2. Open MRI's are nice...they aren't stuffing you in a cone, which is the traditional type...I have had several because of my migraines and headaches. I don't remember if with the open ones they still "cage" your be able to keep you still...its not ideal...but it's not too bad if they do!

    CD wise...I would pick something soothing and relaxing...nothing you would be tempted to wiggle or move to...because you have to be totally still, or they get to do it alll over again. YAY. =/

    If they want to do contrast, request that they let you sit up...the contrast makes a lot of people nauseated... (I think one time I spent a good 20 mins throwing up...poor MRI tech guys!)

    I'll be praying for ya!

  3. See if they'll give you a Xanax. You won't be loopy but it'll take the edge off the MRI. (It's not actually that bad. But if you're worried about it...)

    Good luck; let us know how it goes. I'm thinking of you.

  4. Oh Jen, I just got caught up on your blog. I had no idea you were going through this. I will keep you in my prayers and pray for a good outcome. {{{hugs}}}

  5. Fingers crossed for the MRI to go smoothly!

  6. You'll do great with the MRI, think of it as a chance to relax and put your feet up! :) Seriously though, have fun picking out your music/CD. A good luck with the fill..say hi to Reeger for me :). Let us know how the MRI goes. Big HUGS!

  7. Hope the MRI goes well and that you get good news from the results.

    How much fill can your band take?

  8. You're in my thoughts and prayers!!!


  9. I hope everything comes out all right.


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