Friday, April 29, 2011

Allergies, Unfills & Stress

My allergies kicked in full gear a month ago and I had been getting stuck daily. I had my first experience with fluro and the funny (yet, not so funny thing)is that I had No visible restriction. This was at a fill level of 9.55! What the fluro doesn't show is inflammation and the guess is I had some. I had .2 removed and have had less issues but still have to be careful. I have been on allergy medication for about a month and am going to wait until the end of May to get a Big Girl fill again as I have some travel plans in the works. Good news is weight is holding steady at least I am not gaining.

I think my kids are trying to put me over the edge. All three are experiencing trouble with wisdom teeth. Really? Wonder if there is a group extraction discount available?

My husband and I received some relieving news about his kidneys. He is in Stage three (of 5) which is bad but the doctor said it would not progress "fast" as long as his blood pressure and blood sugars stayed under control. It still doesn't explain his stroke like symptoms but they are not relating them to kidneys, stroke or his thyroid which have all recently been tested and experts have been seen. The hunt continues for answers but we keep ruling out the really bad stuff I guess its good. Frustrating but the answers are out there somewhere.

I am returning to work for the construction company for a temporary gig at the end of May so that might work out well to help pay for the kids dentist :/ lol Looking forward to a routine even if it is just for a couple weeks.

I feel I am slipping a little into very co-dependent ways. I am aware of it but I struggle for the balance of taking care of me vs. all the others. The guilt seems overwhelming sometimes. As a Mom & Wife I feel like they all are sucking me dry and I feel guilty craving time to re-charge and relax when there are so many things going on. But I have vowed to take off for a few days in mid May and do just that. Time will tell if I actually get off the mountain (or can afford to drive anywhere) Fuel was $4.08 yesterday DAMN!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Just a couple pics from Easter out at our pond.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Jen. I do hope you're able to get some time to yourself; sounds like you really need it. You'll be able to help everyone else if you're feeling better. Hang in there.

  2. What beautiful pictures!!

    Oh please don't feel guilty. You are the one who fills every ones cup you have to take care of you hard as it is!!

    It's a win/win!!! I promise!!

  3. great pics :) find yourself some "me time"

  4. Great photos. I agree with the other comments, taking time to take care of yourself will be good for you and your family.

    Wishing you all the best.

  5. Beautiful! They are great pics. :) Thanks for sharing them.

    I still have you guys in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  6. Oh Jen...I wish your life was less complicated. But I too agree with the others, don't feel guilty for wanting and needing "me" time. Your family as well as yourself, will be much better for it. Stress is a killer, and you need to unwind even if just for a couple of days.

    The photos of you and your Husband are absolutely beautiful....

  7. You are dealing with things, with grace and class. Hope things get easier. Those are beautiful pics of you and your husband. I'm sorry he is going through such a hard time.


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