Monday, April 18, 2011

My First Giveaway! Cultivating Radiance - Tamara Gerlach (Author)

I'm offering a brand spanking new copy of the above-pictured book in a giveaway that will end on Friday at midnight. I will announce the winner Saturday morning.

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My thoughts about this book and the tools that it offers is that so many of us on this banded journey have completely neglected self-care for the most part until we made the choice to change our lives and started taking control of our food addictions and overall health. Why not learn some new tools beyond that? Find ways to self-care, forgive, try new things and find passion in our lives. (Passion - My 2011 word of the year)

About the Book

“As my outside ages, my intention
is to become stunningly beautiful on the inside.”

Cultivating Radiance is about fully honoring yourself and all that you have to offer. Our Radiance begins on the inside and is reflected on our outside. In order to keep up with our dynamic lives and to sustain a high level of energy, we must take care of our whole selves. Cultivating Radiance provides simple tools to align our personal elements of health before we “hit the wall” or exhaustion becomes our standard. You will be given mindful “Discovery Questions”, Activities, Inspiration for Gratitude, and Mantras to broaden your understanding and empower yourself to make choices that will give your life deeper meaning and to live a joyful, harmonious, Radiant life!

Here is one of the blog entries from the authors website that I love the most:

Make 2011 The Year You Light Up Your Relationships

The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Why not spend time consciously cultivating that extraordinary relationship?

Sometimes we spend so much time taking care of everyone else that we forget to grow ourselves. Take a few minutes to look at your connection with you!

Self Talk- Do I use kind words without self-criticism or beating myself up?
Acceptance- Do I appreciate and accept myself as I am without judgment?
Motivation- Am I committed to never giving up on myself and taking responsibility for my own happiness and success?
Fun- Do I enjoy who I am and who I am becoming?
Spiritual Connection- Do I have faith that I have all of the support I need when life gets really tough?
Quiet down and Check in
o Physically- Do I know what is going on in my body?
o Mentally- How serene do I feel?
o Heart- Am I living with passion?

When we feel awesome in our own skin with a healthy, radiant relationship with ourselves, we inspire authentic relationships in all aspects of our life.

Take time to light up your relationships…especially the one with yourself!

If you would like to skip all this fun and order your copy now you can do so HERE

Hope you all join in! ~Jen


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