Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I hereby join the ranks of the unemployed!

yep, got laid off today, sucks for sure
also got another 1cc fill today so I can't wallow in a large pizza with a chaser of ice

I'm a half-full kind of girl so here are my mantras for the day,

it is not the worst thing that could happen
I am luckier than most in this situation (hubby is a retired 100% disabled veteran and this can support my family, I worked for the extras)
I have my health care through the VA
I can spend more time on "me"
I was just saying how I wish I could simplify I will have to

Well, all that said...I am still sad :( this company has been great and very supportive. We just hit a downturn like so many others....I will miss the peeps ALOT (((Rick))) - my office bud.

Maybe I will post a little more often now! Well, going to sign off and get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is my last day and I have got so much crap to clean out of that on my puter, pics all while trying not to look at Rick or I will cry, I am such a baby.



  1. Sorry about the job but you have a good attitude and are seeing the positive in it!! Looking forward to more posts from you!! ;-)

  2. Bummer about the job, I can only imagine how hard it must be. But as you said, your situation could be a lot worse. Stay positive!

  3. So sorry to hear that! Remember, when one door closes another opens wider :)

  4. awww sorry to hear that!! I hope you find several new hobbies for yourself and can work on you :) yay to more family time though!

  5. Love your attitude! Something better is meant to be....

  6. So sorry! But excellent attitude. It will work out.

  7. What a bugger of a thing to happen - but at least you are positive about it!! That's a huge plus. I hope you do get a little more time for you, we all need that. :)

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your job. I'm glad you see things half full! I'm having the same issues with my work so I can relate. I'm looking forward to when our economy can turn around!!

  9. Oh goodness,

    I'm so sorry about your job loss! Glad to hear you are trying to have positive thoughts --



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