Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good one gone....

Thank you to all who responded to my last couple posts. I'm sorry to say my Brother-in-law passed away last night. He was determined to be brain dead from the stroke and all machines were removed at 6pm last night. Please keep my sister in your prayers. She has a struggle ahead as does the small community where she lives. He was a part of many, many lives.
So, travel is again in my future for a service which I am guessing will be early next week. I had an .6cc removed from my band on Tuesday and was told to do 72 hrs. of liquids and am taking prilosec for two weeks to keep any acids from irritating the band. Tomorrow I will try some middle ground foods and see how it goes. I think after all the travel & things settle down I will worry about getting the fill was working well for keeping the hunger under control and I still have quite a bit of restriction (even with liquids/soft foods) I had a one pound loss and a gain of lean muscle since my visit a week and a half prior so I was told I was getting enough protein. good to know :)
I abused my Old Navy card in a bad, bad way today. I shouldn't have, you know being unemployed and all...but it has turned cold here in Oregon so I had to get me some new PJ bottoms because mine kept falling off...I kept them longer than I should have because, well...I liked it when they fell off! I was using hair clips to twist the waistbands to hold them up. Get this, Old Navy PJ bottoms...a large, L (notice the absent X)  Thank you Claire (band)
Well internet, need to go update my resume...yuck

~Jen from Oregon


  1. Ahhh Jen, that is the saddest news. It's not going to fun few weeks coping but my thoughts are with you and your sister xxxxx
    Good to hear the slight unfill is working for you :)

  2. I am truly sorry for your loss. He sounded like an all around great guy that anyone would have been blessed to have met or shared their life with. My heart goes out to you & your family & friends.

  3. So sorry to hear about your brother in law. I'll be sending your sister and family good thoughts.

    Glad to hear the band is working! And congrats on going down a size!

  4. oh I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss.

    on the upside.. congrats on that L!

  5. Jen, I am sorry to hear of your loss....this time is always the hardest and my thoughts are with you and your family...xx

  6. Jen, I am very sorry. It shoulds like he was a great man. Hang in there through these tough times, things will turn soon I am sure.


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