Monday, November 9, 2009

Travel & Stress = STUCK

I've scheduled a small un-fill for tomorrow morning. I've known that I needed to consider it even prior to my travel last week but there was no time. I tried to be real careful but nothing worked in my favor.
I think the travel (8 followed by days waiting in the hospital and nights in a hotel and eating out...ugggh Every time I put anything in my mouth...STUCK!
I don't have a lot of hunger so I hope just a small adjustment will help so I can get some protein down. I've been trying to get a shake in daily to help but I would sure rather eat my protein.
My hair is falling out like crazy... not sure if it is a normal Fall shed or if it is due to the surgery....time will tell! I have super thick hair and it is hat season at least. Actually, it is freaking me out a bit but with all the other stuff going on I have just tried to ignore it the best I can.
I haven't been on the scale since I left last week and I think I will wait for the doctors office tomorrow. I am sure there will be a gain, but that is okay. It's temporary!

now an update on my brother-in-law and the stroke....It is not good.
He suffered a stroke to the frontal lobe of the brain, both sides. He has been in a coma since it happened a week ago. His body is shutting down, kidneys are failing and his pupils are fixed. They said from the location he would most likely not have memory, thinking, personality....that the damage is like a lobotomy. It is just not fair. I say that knowing everyone has some experience with a situation like this. I know it is not unique. Life sucks sometimes. But that said, he is one of the good ones. A grandfather of six who fixes them breakfast everyday (my nieces live in homes on the same property) He worked as a firefighter until retirement. He takes care of his disabled sister and is the first person people call on to help at the church. They have had too much heartache already. My niece (his daughter) was killed by a drunk driver along with her best friend at age 18, just a few days prior to leaving for college. During that time I saw first hand how having a strong faith can get you through the worst....and I saw them smile again after living through the worst possible nightmare as a parent. It just doesn't add up sometimes.
I really didn't mean to put all that out there but it is so fresh right now I just wanted to share what a great person he is and the love of my sisters life.
Life is short, hold your family close.....


  1. Why do the good guys always go first? This is just awful for you all, Jen.. my heart is heavy for you. It doesn't sound like he is doing too well - but I guess there is always a chance.
    I hope the un-fill works for you too. Awful when you can't get anything down.

  2. {{{hugs}}} to you Jen ~ how very sad and heartbreaking to read about such a good guy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. I can only imagine what you and your family must be going through. So sorry that things don't seem to be getting better and I'll be sending your family good thoughts.

  4. so sorry for what you're going through with the family, jen :( i hope the unfill takes some of the stress out of things for you.

  5. Tough times, so sorry. At least you are taking steps to take care of yourself; that is very important. I am sure you will be in a better place soon.


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