Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time to hunker down

I believe my travel has come to an end for a while. It is time to hunker down and stay warm and go into winter mode. I returned home to Oregon from California last night. My husband and I drove down leaving on Wednesday afternoon. We attended the service for my Brother-in-law Thursday and returned home yesterday. It was a quick trip for sure and I have realized that travel with Claire (band) not so easy. I think with a little more planning I could do much better but the last two weeks have been so up in the air I never really had time.
I am ready to stay put for a long while. Not working and having made two unplanned trips have us in a tighter spot than normal money wise so after having the "What's the plan for Thanksgiving talk" I've decided to stay home and cook for the family. We usually are not all together on Thanksgiving. My husband, Gene, has stayed home the last 5 years since we moved away from our families so I could spend it with mine. (We have too many animals)
I had expected some backlash from the kids...but I didn't get any, in fact my daughter said she wanted to help! WTF? So, I put her in charge of doing all the sweets since I don't want to be around fudge (hub's request)
I live at about 3,500 ft (Mt. Sexton/ London Peak) so we tend to get more weather than the folks on the valley floor. We also live in the middle of the forest and learned quickly that you need to be prepared come about October for the weather and elements can get ugly. Don't know if any of you recall the James Kim story? His family had become stranded and his wife and children rescued, sadly, he did not survive. That happened very close, a few miles, of where I live and has made us more careful as the season is changing.

I plan on digging out some of the 1000 piece puzzles I picked up just for this time of year.  We set up our table under the light and near the wood stove and it helps to pass the time when the snow fills up the TV dish and we lose our signal . I can't wait for the first heavy snow! I feel like I could keep up with the kids for the first time. They like to sled and snowboard . Our backyard has three good runs where you can ski/sled/board down and then we use the quads to go back up to start over. What am I thankful for? besides my band....That I got my kids the heck out of the city!!!!

I have two appointments Monday. I am meeting the doctor who did my band for another procedure that I am soooo excited about. It is for laser treatment on my varicose veins. Mine are U-G-L-Y! I have not worn shorts in public...well, never. They hurt and ache and are just unsightly. I am hopeful to get it one before the end of the year as I have no more copays due this year.
My second appointment is to get about half of my un-fill back. I think I had just irritated it so bad with getting stuck over and over due in part to the stress of losing my job, then travel and grief. I did 72 hrs of liquids then started slow and have not had any trouble since. I feel restriction but I can still consume more than I think is okay at this stage. I'm making small progress on the scale but I think that will increase the longer I stay home and get back on my eating and workout schedule.

Wow, this post was a whole lot of nothing :) sorry for the ramble! Had too much coffee today!


  1. Wow, I just can't imagine a winter where you are snowed in.. so different to this part of the world..that said, it does sound beautiful - snow, and fires and bunking down.. nice nice.
    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with the family. Should be nice - and yay for your daughter helping. Big job huh lol especially so close to Christmas.

  2. I'm jealous that you live up in the mountains with snow and all that good stuff. Although, if I actually lived it I might not think it's so cool. Glad you're home and able to start getting life in order after so many big stressful events.


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