Saturday, January 2, 2010

Word for Twenty-Ten

A few of us have been selecting a word for the new year and I had to put a little thought into it before I made a whole years commitment.

I chose the word: PASSION

ardent affection : love b : a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept c : sexual desire d : an object of desire or deep interest

I want to feel passion for life again, passion for my work and hobbies and have passion in my relationships and marriage. A tall order? Why yes it is.

Can you make yourself feel passionate just by will alone? I don't think so. So I guess I have to figure out the pathway to do so......where to start?

I am forming my plan of attack and feel a little lost as I have been a bit lackluster the past twenty years.

At the ranch where I grew up in California there is a native medicine wheel that I attended the creation of. A passion rock was placed in the circle and I plan to visit it soon. I am so connected to this property, it is hard to explain. I feel at peace and do my best thinking when I am there. It may seem silly to some but to me it is part of my "spirit" journey.

The rest I will have to give more thought to as the year progresses. I want more than anything to "FEEL" again. I think it can happen!


  1. Oh Jen,

    What a fantastic word for 2010!! Passion holds so many meanings and for you it's going to happen. Just keep the word in your head and refer back to it when things get tough (good advice for me too!! lol)

    Your property sounds beautiful. We should all be so lucky to have somewhere that brings us peace.


  2. Jen that is such an awesome word!! You can apply it to so many things

  3. It will happen! Love your word.

  4. Jen,

    Terrific "word" for 2010. Isn't it amazing how one word can represent so much in our lives? Here's to a passionate New Year!



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