Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leg recovery - fill today - and Weekday Dish

Hello peeps! I'm still alive...just returned to work to fill in for someone and have started an insane home project that when done either myself or hubby will be buried in the backyard! All I can say is we have very different ideas.....and mine are better!

Legs are healing and today was my first day without the compression stockings. THANK GOODNESS! I am so over them. I just have the spider veins yet to go in a month or so but that is a quick deal. OMG! The pain (just for the record, I have an extremely high pain tolerance) but this was one of the most painful things I have experienced. Feeling better now though.

This is the second leg during healing...

I'll try to get a couple side by sides up when the swelling goes down a little more...

here is a pic with some new found collar bones...not a great pic, but they are starting to show a bit!

Today I had a small fill .3 taking me to 9.7 in my realize 11cc band. So far, so good but I have only had water and coffee. I'm going to make a protein shake for dinner so my weekday dish is from yesterday.

Coffee, water
calcium chews
B- hubby made homemade hash browns and I had a couple bites and a turkey sausage patty

L- 1 lowfat cheese stick split in 1/4 with 4 slices of deli ham wrapped around
calcium chews
coffee water

D- single serve pouch of tuna w/mayo and relish on a piece of wheat toast (toasted well) I knew then my fill was a go!!! bread is not usually an option for me

water & vitamins

I am going to attempt a second vlog tomorrow if the office is quiet...hope to touch on some of the great posts you all have shared recently.


  1. Congrats on getting rid of compression stockings and the collarbones, very nice!

  2. ouch! that looks incredibly painful. your collar bones are awesome though.


  3. Do the VLOG! And congrats on the collarbones... very nice! And, hope you're healed up soon. It must be a relief to have both legs done (well, the most painful part anyway). xoxo

  4. OMG...your poor legs!!! Take care

  5. Wow - you have the MOST beautiful skin and I love that your bones are showing through. OUCH OUCH to that poor leg though. I'm so glad you came through it ok. Have missed you xxx

  6. I see those collar bones for sure!! You look fantastic!! Glad you're healing and so sorry for all the pain you've felt! That pic of your leg just makes me think you've been through so much! Take care!!


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