Sunday, February 6, 2011

MRI results and the never ending stress

I received the results of my MRI last week and there were no signs of MS. Of course I am happy about that but I didn't really have a chance to celebrate the good news.

Last Sunday morning I received a text from my daughters (live-in) boyfriend saying that she would need me that day as he decided it wasn't for him and he was moving out while she was at work. Total Blindside. I really like this boy but I think it was a chickenshit move to do it that way....but, whatever. So, I decided I needed to be there when she got home. I couldn't imagine her walking in to an empty place.. It was heartbreaking. There was nothing I could/can do to take her pain away. It is the hardest part of parenting for sure.

She is doing well, very driven, very accomplished girl of 21 and I know she will survive this but if I could take the pain away I would.

I stayed with her a couple days and all the while I could feel that I was getting sick (I'm sure I picked up something while going to one of my 14 appointments in January) I ended up with strep throat and an ear infection. Let me tell you something bandsters, antibiotics in liquid form = gag! But I am happy to report that my girl is on the mend, I am on the mend (st least from this infection)

So, even with the good results it still leaves the question WTF is wrong with me? We are back to the Fibromyalgia theory and I will be seeing a Rheumatologist later in the month. The bladder issues will be addressed on Wednesday.

Last Friday (week ago) after my MRI I had a fill scheduled. I got .15?, .1 & 1/2.. taking me to 9.5 & 1/2 is that 9.55? in my 11 cc realize band. In true form the fill kicked in one week later and I've been extra careful because of the throat/cold thing. I feel it for sure. I have no hunger and actually have had to struggle to get my protein in. I average a min. of 40g a day but always shoot for more. I have given up the carbs again as I had started to depend on them to boost my low energy levels and then I'd crash and feel worse.

One day at a time, one problem at a time, one pound at a time.....

Where the hell is Spring? I really could use some sun and flowers and birds singing :)


  1. Hang in there :) We should meet up for coffee sometime and catch up

  2. Thank Good for no MS and I will keep you in my prayers that they find a diagnosis for you soon!

  3. Jen I have been thinking about you and was so relieved to see the MRI was clean.. need to take care of your self.. and yes doctors and hospitals are "germ" factories.. thank you for all your kind words and for reaching out to me.. be well Jen.. hugs

  4. Ah - your poor daughter...I'll say a prayer.

  5. Great news about the MS. It is so hard to diagnose. I hope that your daughter takes everything ok.

  6. I think the pain of watching our daughter go through a break-up is almost as hard on us as on them. It felt like I was going through a breakup when my daughter's highschool boyfriend called it quits. There is nothing to say other than to be there for her. My daughter found a wonderful guy a few years later and although we all know that the best is yet to come, we sometimes can't see that through the tears. So sorry she (and you) have to go through this.

    And glad your test showed no MS. But frustrating not knowing what it is. Good luck with the Rheumatologist.

  7. Very happy to hear the test didn't show MS. I know that's a relief of sorts. Praying they find answers for you soon. Hang in there. :)

  8. very good news about the MS - and I am sorry to hear about you getting so sick but you are now on the mend and I hope that you will soon find out what it wrong now that MS has been ruled out.

    Please hang in there !

  9. So glad to hear it is not MS. The no hunger is good news among the bad news I guess...You will be even skinnier at least! Hope you get some answers very soon.

  10. I hope they figure out what the problem is soon...Maybe Spring will help? I have been looking everywhere for it up here. When I find it I will share the stuff with you down south...please do the same if you manage to find it first.

    I totally hear you on the daughters thing...I have three adult ones and their trials and tribulations are often harder on me than it is them I think. I hope you daughter and you feel great soon!!


  11. My heart broke when I heard about your daughter. My mother had to help me through a rough break up and I don't think I would have made it through if it hadn't been for her. She is lucky to have you. I am sorry that the testing hasn't shown what is going on with you. I know it's good news - bad news. Good news not MS, but bad news that they haven't figured it out.

  12. So glad no MS. Your are right ond day one pound.


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