Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Fill Tomorrow

I am having my first fill tomorrow! This will be at four weeks post-op. I have been holding steady at 31 lbs. lost from my weight 2 weeks pre-op. I have been on solids for two weeks and am starting to feel hunger more and more each day :/ Hoping the fill will help a little bit with that but I realize it is early.
I also hope to get baseline tests ordered tomorrow so I can see my progress with lowering my LDL over the next few months.
This past weekend was a struggle, the first real struggle since being banded. I got 100% off schedule, slept most of Saturday, didn't drink enough water and ate randomly! Ugghh! To top it all off I woke up Sunday with a raging UTI so, off to the ER...and then the hunt for liquid medicine!
Doing much better today!
I am heading off to school clothes shop with my son...I will post after my fill tomorrow

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