Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three weeks post-op

Today marks three weeks post-op and I believe I have 100% of my energy back (and perhaps a wee bit more) The huge turn around point was that I was allowed to resume real food (with the exception of steak) at two weeks. I was surprised about this as all my notes and classes went over the phases of eating and I went to the check up just begging for permission to eat an egg and is all I wanted during my liquids phase. I was not looking forward to the mushies because there were not very many options that sounded good at all. My Dr. said that the Realize band is not primed at all when it is implanted so after the first couple weeks you can start trying solids, keeping portions small of course. On my way back to work I picked up a small KFC mashed potatoes w/ gravy and it sucked! Things tasted different, sweeter, more salty the first couple days. I was glad to be off the room temperature shakes... I am done with them, the end. period. except before and after fills. My date for a first fill is next Thursday! I am looking forward to getting started with the restriction.
so far some of the things I have tried are:
white fish - talliapa 4-5oz
Ahi 4oz
Tuna salad w/ added black & kidney beans 1/2 cup, no bread
salmon 4 oz
avocado 1/2
salad 1 c
Turkey tacos that I used lettuce to wrap up 3/4 c meat
chicken breast - maybe half of a side breast
eggs w/ cottage cheese 2 eggs max
pinto beans, 1 c
oatmeal, 1/2 c raw - about 1 c cooked sometimes with a little honey or a snack pack of raw almonds and once w/ a tablespoon of peanut butter.
peaches - 3-4 slices canned
tried Greek style....YUCK
and a chicken ranch salad from taco bell which I have been sorry about for the last 4 hours. Claire (my band) is not a taco bell fan!
I have created somewhat of a system that seems to work for now (okay, it has only been a week...) I keep a little notebook that I write everything I consume in a day in + vitamins and water. keeps me accountable so far :) I did not write the one small bag, not king sized bag, of m&m's that I ate over a three day spread. oversight really!
I have held steady at a 21lbs loss pre-op and then 10-12 lb loss post-op (mostly the first 4 days) Not gaining and I have no restriction so it is all will power for now. Will power and no carbs prolly!

The thing I miss so far in this journey....caffeine! I've been told I can try it now, get my coffee buzz on but to be warned it could stimulate hunger so I have been avoiding (mostly) I do love me a Dutch Bros. milky way...the FF/SF version I dunno, not quite the same.

Thank you again for all the strength and education I gained from reading all your blogs!


  1. How fantastic you're allowed solids again - that must have been so nice to eat. Shame about the KFC mash though - if I remember it tasted different to me too. One thing I remember having, and I still eat it on the day of a fill is Deb instant mashed potatoes, a small can of sweet chilli tuna mixed through and a dollop of sour cream.. YUM! It might sound revolting but its nice lol.
    Keep up the great work, Jen. You're doing fab! And we don't hear from you before your fill.. good luck with it! Its the start of something great.

  2. Interesting about the caff stimulating your appetite. That is good to watch out for bc I was going to try some vitamins with caff in,...maybe now!


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