Sunday, August 16, 2009

How I came to blog...

I just thought I would take a second to explain how I was introduced to the whole blogging process. (and to give Kudos to M.W.)

I believe it was about 2003 and I had been in Oregon just a little over a year. We had moved my three teenagers :/ and left the Bay Area, CA where we had lived forever....I left my family, friends and everything familiar behind to get my kids to a safer place...clean air...wide open space.

I felt very disconnected and lonely. I was not working, hubby is retired so we were both home full time. My kids acted up a bit as a result of the was just a stressful time of change (not unlike now)

Well, it was hard to find little things to hold onto to that made me happy...But I started watching a tv program that was airing on WE tv (Woman's network) It was called McLeod's Daughters and was an Australian drama. I fell in love....I found something in that show (please...I know it is hard to understand and it sounds crazy.....but it sort of saved me and I was able to escape for an hour a week)
The show was filmed on location in South Australia and in a nutshell was about a few strong women who run a farm...and yes, there were a few hunky men in the mix as well. I knew the moment I watched that I MUST GO THERE! I have this desire so strong that I can't even put it into words...I WILL GO THERE...I want to smell the air and touch the dirt and connect with the land in SA more than I have ever wanted anything....perhaps as much as wanting to be healthy!
So, fast forward three seasons of McLeod's daughters...and to my disbelief one of the main actors is killed on the program (can we say major funk!) Not only that....we soon learn that the WE network will no longer be airing the series here in the US!
This news created quite a stir on the WE message boards....there was begging and pleading by other crazy people like me :) to continue the the end they didn't BUT one of those people who were on the boards created a blog about McLeod's Daughters and our loss of not only the show but the main actress (Lisa Chappell) who played Claire McLeod. The site was called even after claire. (no longer exists)
There were so many great people who visited that site for one common reason (not unlike WLS) but in the end we all supported each other on many different issues...It was a feeling of community that I was missing.
The website owner was (still is) a most brilliant blogger and one of the most artistic people I know. She inspired me to start my own site to communicate with friends and family and to write about the move to Oregon. I am sort of hit and miss on the site now as I have made new friends, work now and the kids have eased up some with the drama. I have not decided if I will abandon it completely for my new journey or not ....
if you find yourself with a moment feel free to check it out at

I am so happy to have known in advance of this WLS that I would be able to find an online community that would be helpful, supportive and so very inspiring. You all do not disappoint!
I hope I can do the same in the future as I progress in this journey!

PS - I think I just named my band - Claire

we should make a facebook name generator for lapbands lol -


  1. Thanks for this post - it's always interesting to see where blogging originated person to person... also nice name for your band! Claire is going to kick butt!!

  2. I like hearing about how people have come to where they are! Thanks for sharing :) What does Claire mean (like the definition for the name. I ask this and I just realized that I dont know what Amy means)...and thats my real name! ha!

  3. Nice story! I like hearing how you came about to blog. It reminds me how lucky it is to connect with people just like you, going through the same issues, etc.

  4. Thanks ya'll

    The meaning of the name Claire is Illustrious... I will take it!

  5. Hi!

    I am 18 years old and overweight...

    I Love reading all your info! very inspiring!! I have 37 days till my OP and I am incredibly nervous but very excited!!

    I have noticed that alot of people have said there are foods you can't have this is something my Dr has not said!

    so now I am nervous that I am going to be deprived!!

    but your blog is inspirational - THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE!

  6. Hey Lady! What a walk down memory lane!

    I felt a little warm and fuzzy reading of how you came to EAC and love that we're still friends, in spite of all the changes. All. The. Changes.

    Good luck with this phase of THIS change!

    "M.W." but it's totally cool for you to use my real name. :) Thanks for the sweet kudos and all those nice things you said. Blogging is a hoot. I love that you love it. (Regardless of how frequently you find the time.)


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