Monday, August 3, 2009

My surgery story....the good, the bad and the ugly!

I can't believe I have not posted this yet!

I am a week post-op and I am feeling great! I returned to work five days post-op (have a desk job...not too stressful) I think the hardest part of the whole thing was getting comfortable in my own bed. I have had to make a nest of pillows and rolled up blankets to get to sleep with any comfort.

Morning of the surgery was not too smooth. Hubby and I arrived and I was taken back and they had quite a time finding a vein for my IV. After several attempts they gave up and asked them to do so in the OR.

I was taken to the OR and was wide awake with no calming drugs on board yet. My past operations I only remember a glimpse of the OR....seems like 5 seconds after I arrived I was put out. This time however I was very alert as they were trying to get the IV going...I felt the fear building and building and started crying...this is my stress response (well that and eating, lol) I was looking around the room...I was familiar some as I have some medical training (years ago, EMT, ER Tech, OR Tech and pre-nursing) anyway, I didn't hear any music I jokingly requested some Jimmy Buffett! Not two minutes later it was playing, I relaxed some and the IV site ended up being in my neck which freaked me out a bit but once it was in I was breathing the gas and gave a thumbs I went!

I woke up in recovery very alert, I felt the breathing tube coming out (didn't hurt) just felt strange. I was taken to my room where I slept some, My mom, hubby and daughter were there. I have to say I had very little pain. I was started on water 15ml every15 min then it increased to 30ml then I had to use the restroom..getting up was a bit tender but the bed there helps and they put a hand hook overhead to help move the next morning I had been walking about, using the restroom on my own and I graduated to jello (room temp. yuck) broth and more water.

I was visited by the surgeon the next morning and he shared with me that my heart had stopped for 5 seconds when the retractor touched the Vagus nerve???on the liver. He said it was common for heart rates to drop, but I guess to stop...not so much! Good news is it started up again all on its own and I guess all was okay from there.

I went home on Friday, the next morning, ride home was not to uncomfortable. I slept some, walked some, sipped water and protein drinks throughout the next couple days... I then added some creamed soups with protein powder once a day....and all has been great.

I can say that I feel very very tired! Today was the worst for that...but I am sure it is from the lack of calories as I figure at most I am getting 400 a day + 50-60 oz of water.

I have another week at this stage of full liquid's....I am so looking forward to an egg!

Stats so far: Pre-op two week liquids phase I lost 21.4 lbs and as of today it is 26lbs lost!

Thank you to all who have been through it and have blogged about it. It made it so much easier with the extra knowledge going in :) and those who have not done so yet, I really had an easy go of it (pain wise) the mental part might take a while! You will do just fine!


  1. Oh well done Jen :) You're offically a bandit. How exciting.
    I'm so glad everything went as planned (even if it was a little rocky at the start)
    Be kind to yourself and try not to push it too much. You're going to go great! In fact 26 pounds so far IS GREAT!!! Well done

  2. Yes the energy level for me post-op was really bad. By the end of the day starting about 5 or 6 days out I would get light headed and ended up asking my doc if I could move to full liquids and that made all the difference!

    I am glad everything went well for you!

  3. YAY for being banded and having a good go of it! You're doing incredibly at 26 lbs... geez, I'm at 27 3.5 months out!! :) I only lost 8 lbs on pre-op liquids though, lucky girl! :)

    Congrats :)

  4. Welcome to Bandland Baby!!!
    You are rocking! The recuperation can be a little tough since you can't really get energy from your foods. And, since you are back at work, I am sure that just drains your resources as well. Don't push yourself too hard. These moments will pass...I promise!
    Maybe you can ramp up your protein (Special K H20 or by adding orange flavored protein powder to your water or taking in more broths) and maybe add some B-vitamin to your drinks (open up the capsules and mix in). That should help with the fatigue.
    Once you move to full liquids, I'm sure things will improve. Let us old bandsters know if we can give you any pointers or suggestions!

  5. Hi Jen,
    I am being banded on August 17 by Dr. Traul. Seeing your blog site inspired me to start my own. Thank you so much for that. I have so worried about the surgery and post-op pain seeing that you did well makes me feel so much better. Do you have any blogs to suggest for me since I am a newbie? This is my blog spot
    Thanks so much,
    Lorrie HAll


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