Sunday, August 30, 2009

One month since surgery

Today marks one month since I was banded. Claire (my band) and I are making fast friends. :)

Claire is there for me, to tell me when enough is enough and I know over time I will learn to trust her more.

I have had a easy recovery and feel lucky to have this opportunity to improve my health.

No Regrets!
Thursday I got the all clear to start riding my horse again. I am a little nervous about it but I think I will try to get a few good rides in before the days (light) get any shorter.
I attended my company picnic yesterday and played volleyball, felt fine. The adults took over the kids slip & slide at one point in the afternoon but I didn't feel like I was ready to dive belly first......yet! However, there is always next year. This was also my first social setting with food involved. I'm happy to report it was fine. I had some watermelon, a bunless hot dog and a small serving of chili beans.
Everyone at my work knows about the band. I didn't plan it that way at all. It sort of snowballed out of my control. I work for a construction company. I am one of two women who work there. The boys (That is what I call our guys) have asked me how it is going and shown a great interest in the process. My boss is a huge support and although he gets a little squeamish when I go into too much detail....he has given me the time off needed and has recently nicknamed me slim. That kinda cracks me up. With none of my support people living nearby it has been nice to know that there are others cheering you on. Now that it is out in the open I can't imagine how hard it would have been to keep it a secret.
again.... NO REGRETS!
Thank you (((Cara))) hugs to you for the anniversary wish!

This is a quick Sunday evening post. Work will come early tomorrow and I am starting an hour earlier than usual this next week. ugh!


  1. You're most welcome for the anniversary wish xx
    You sound so positive I love it. I too, (A long time ago in another life) was one of only two girls in a bunch of guys at a construction company. Boy, was that an eyeopener... and yet, they can be there for you when needed. That is so cool.

  2. Hiya, moi ...again.. (I'm like your cyber stalker.. lol not) Thanks for your lovely message :) If you are EVER in Tassie, you and your hubbie and kids are more than welcome to come stay! I mean that... I would love to meet you and show you around xx
    PS When you next get around to it.. would you mind sharing the producers blog address: I would be interested in reading it. Ta :)
    My comp died this morning so using MOTH's laptop but it wont recognise my name.. its The Dash - Cara here. lol Argh!


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