Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I guess that answers that!

Trouble (AKA Not Lassie) and I went for it rain and all.

The run off in my waterfall was crazy from last nights rain.

washed out trail. I sent Trouble ahead to make sure it wasn't too deep.

:) Felt good even in the rain!


  1. You're a super star! I walked in the rain this morning and rode my bike in the rain to work, but I didn't have to deal with any mud or fjording any flooded pathways.

  2. I think I would rather have the rain than ice. but what a pretty waterfall and I love your puppy picture..

  3. Cute pup! Glad you got out even though there was a landslide. ;)

  4. Hi Jen - Tracy here. Just started following you. I read your blog today...you've done well for yourself. Looking forward to reading more about you :)

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  6. I think your waterfall is beautiful and I that your blog is wonderful too.


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