Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lovesick teen

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's. I did however drag my lovesick 18 y/o son, Eli to town to get his girlfriend some things. It was cute seeing him stress with all the other last minute shoppers. I left him in town at his brothers house and I came home and cooked for hubs and me. Just like any other night really.

I've kicked up the hiking from 30 to 45 min 4x since my goal to lose 20lbs announcement. I've hit the water hard, watched my sodium, been doing a shake at least once a day (breakfast or lunch) and lean protein dinners. My scale has read the same for one week. THE SAME! no matter where I move it on my bathroom floor I get the same reading. Grrr! I'm not giving up, I just wish it would move a little faster. But hey, it's not going up, right?

The weather sucks today. We have had heavy rain/slush all night so I am not sure about getting out today. I'm not afraid of getting wet as much as I am about getting hurt by slipping/falling. When I say "hike" it really is. The trails get muddy and I am very isolated. There is spotty cell service and my dog, sadly, is no Lassie.

Maybe I am just making excuses. It would be easier to sit in front of the fire, cook a pot of soup and watch the slush fall. And of late, I've been all about easy. I'm mentally exhausted.

Have any of you married/partnered peeps ever gone on a vacation by yourself? A friend of mine just did a road trip alone for a couple weeks and I was so envious. Being alone is a huge challenge for me. As much as I crave (and rarely get) alone time I find I spend it connected somehow (blackberry, facebook) and not embracing it. The last few months all that I can think about is having a week or two to do as I please, go where I like, hit the open road. UNPLUGGED! Even if I could muster the courage to ask for the time-out we don't have the funds available. So here I sit, watching the slush, cooking soup and dreaming of the open road.


  1. Sitting in the warm making a pot of soup sounds fun to me :)


  2. I'm not a fan of vacationing by myself, but I have had a few vacations away from my spouse with my girlfriends (including last year BOOBS convention and planning to do this year as well). And he's done trips with his guy friends.

  3. Muddy trails ARE dangerous. Can you take a walk on the pavement somewhere?

    I have taken my kids camping by myself a lot. My fella doesn't really like to go and I love to go. Camping is cheep so it works for me. Also the places I go tend to be places without cell and internet service so I get to unplug. You'll have to wait a few months for the weather to cooperate but maybe if you start planning it now, it will give you something to look forward to.

  4. I'm thinking about the teenagers and Valentine's. So cute.

  5. I used to dream about hitting the open road alone too when my kids were young. Now that they are older and almost grown coupled with the fact that I drove a lot for my job, that is no longer appealing. I've also been single for ten years and I've done my share of travel by myself. I'm so over it. Funny how you feel at different points in your life! I'd love to have a partner to share life with and travel with at this time of my life.

  6. I had to go to belgium for my band so had a week away from hubby. When i came back I had every item of clothing in the house in the washing pile! YAY. I had to go back to have it re-done (another week away) and told him to use the washer or hire a solicitor!!! HAHA. I love him to bits but we all need space and sometimes its good to see if our training on them has worked! ;-)


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