Saturday, February 12, 2011

insane in the membrane - part 2 & vein surgery update w/many pics

Okay, I think I am actually losing it!
I am feeling like a dumb-ass. Here is the deal. In my last couple posts I stated my first (and last, fingers crossed) goal to get to my ultimate goal weight by losing the last 20 lbs. by my two year bandaversary date of 8/31/11.

Funny thing is, today I was thinking about dates and when I had my veins operated on and how I thought it was strange that that surgery date fell on the day my brother lost his life and how my lapband surgery had fallen on his birthday. Yes, His birthday, July 31! I HAD THE WRONG DATE AS MY BANDAVERSARY! Geesh! Okay, the goal is still to lose the 20 lbs by 7/31. Oh Dear Lord Help ME!

BTW I don't know if I ever updated the varicose vein surgery results?

Gross pictures to follow - fair warning

On March 15th 2010 I had laser treatment done and removal of the veins. I had the WORST bulgy, ugly, painful veins ever.


Having the surgery:

Three days wrapped up and two weeks of support/pressure hose:

Yikes! Hope it gets better than this

Four weeks post op:

And today, almost a year later there is still red scars but the lumps and bumps are gone. Might want to put on your sunglasses for these :)


  1. Wow! They look great! Dr C did the surgery right? HE rocks! :)

  2. Oh, I should have added that. The surgery was done by the doctor who also did my banding. Yes, HE ROCKS! and thanks... little white this time of year, lol

  3. Amazing results!! Really awesome!

  4. Thanks for posting that. I had a consult to get my veins done in December and I'm wait for my new insurance to kick in March to schedule it.Did you have veins removed or just the thing where they inject the device that scrapes them and they collapse?

  5. HOly crap!! they looked bad before and look GREAT now!!! and I though I had some bulgy veins :) Those are looking like teenager legs now!


  6. Wow.. your post totally intrigued me.. your legs look great.. its amazing what they can do.. I say gets some sexy shorts and show those babies OFF!!

  7. You can totally reach your goal. And your legs look great.


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