Saturday, February 26, 2011

Surviving the storm

Our big Storm of 2011 was kind of a let down. We didn't lose power or get snowed in for days. Heck, I didn't even have to climb on the roof to scoop out the dish. It is always good to be prepared I guess though. Today it has all turned to ice and was freezing on my daily hike (17*) had I waited a couple hours it warmed up to about 41*!

I've starting using My fitness pal online and I like it very much. I also am using the notes section to record my medication, sleep, pain level and cognitive state for the day. I think this will be handy because you can print it out in a report just in case I need to go back and look for trends or if a medication is helping or not. Hope I can keep it up.

Made a yummy shake a few times... Yes, I said yummy!
I use one Atkins Advantage Vanilla shake, 1/2 a scoop of EAS vanilla protein powder, about 5-6 ice cubes and 2 T of sugar free orange Torani syrup. I think I read this or a version of it on the world according to eggface site
225 calories and 27g protein and it tastes good!

I made homemade lasagna today and I am considering another hour hike so I can have 1/2 piece of Texas toast garlic bread..... Na, I'll just skip it!

Or will I?


  1. I'm cold just thinking about that 17 number!

  2. It is sooooo cold!! I hope it warms up this week. I cannot wait to finally meet up on Saturday.

    The lasagna and shake sounds yummy!


  3. Glad the storm wasn't too bad! And I love, it rocks. I didn't know you could print your stuff out. Though... it makes sense. LOL

    Have a good hike. :)

  4. My Fitness Pal has changed my dieting for the better. I'm glad you like it too. Good for you for skipping the Texas Toast...I'm in DC and waiting for the spring...I cannot deal with cold weather!


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