Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogs in the head don't equal blogs posted

I've been bouncing blog topics around in my head for days now and just haven't been able to get them posted. Not sure why...guess I just think too much about stuff and then it seems stupid in the end.

I'm stuck, scale is stuck, meal planning is stuck, chore list is stuck... I'm not in the same place where I was a few months ago, that dark place of depression but I do feel stagnated.

To cease to be brisk or active; to become dull or inactive; as, commerce stagnates; business stagnates. See also: Jen from Oregon

I'm thinking I need to change things up a bit to get the ball rolling except Monday is my vein surgery so I'm afraid I'll be down a few days and up a few pounds so my Easter goal of Onederland is looking slim...So, I am swapping it to Mother's day!
Wow, to get to Onederland seemed so impossible a few months ago. Before surgery for sure but even in the first few months after It seemed like a pipe dream. I'm ready for it now... today would be good :) but I have a few to go!!!

I'm logging my food for today so I can post for Weekday Dish tomorrow...
So far.... two cups of coffee and a pretzel... that got stuck. Time for me to realize I need to give them up.

I'm ready for Spring! Who's with me????
On Sunday I sat out for a couple hours. It was a high of 59 degrees... Now there is snow on the ground. The signs are everywhere...buds on the fruit trees, flowers blooming and bees buzzing. Won't be long now!


  1. Maybe spring will help everyone get un-stuck? I feel you sista- and it's funny because things go round in my head, too- and very often it does seem stupid in the end. I usually post it anyway!

    I like your new picture. Very artsy. Who does your photography? They're good.

  2. Love the new photo! Oh yes, I'm readddyyyy for spring.

  3. i feel your pain-I have dipped below the 200 but its like a magnet--pulling me back up. I have yet to get below 197 and i have been back up to 200 several times..arghghg

    Post a spring pic-see my post today. I have lots of spring but maybe you can find a tiny little crocus or hunk of grass sticking out of that darned stupid snow :)

  4. So ready for Spring. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award - check my blog :)

  5. What a gorgeous pic of you with the hat. And s'cuse me for saying, but you're not in onderland yet? I seriously thought you were way under that because you are so thin - must be the tall/thin ratio thing happening.

    I hear you about being stagnant. Sometimes its so hard to get our asses moving.. and lets face it. .this weight loss thing? Its a day in day out battle so yeah, we get down on ourselves.
    Go out and celebrate being beautiful, Jen. You always have that on your side. xx Love ya heaps!!


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