Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures of Spring (Photo credit: Tamara Gerlach)

These are some photos taken from the ranch where I grew up in California. I had asked my cousin who lives there now to email me a few when she hiked the hill today.

My big request was for the windmill. See, I am working up to a new tattoo. I have only one, that I want to cover with the new one. I am looking to get one with a windmill but I want to make sure it is "girlie" first.
Why a windmill you ask?
Two reasons...because it was something I saw each and every day on the ranch I grew up at...and my love for an Austrailan television series called McLeod's Daughters. (now available on DVD in the US) For anyone who has seen McLeod's daughters the windmill/bathtub is a fixture on the show.
Since I am talking about McLeod's Daughters and Mothers Day is nearing let me suggest this as a gift idea to mom's, sisters or to yourself. There are 8 seasons and each season has 6-8 dvd's (avg. 28-32 episodes a season) Netfix has it I think too so check it out!
I am not paid to promote it I swear!
Happy can't get here fast enough for me!


  1. Love the pickies and love McLeod's!!!

  2. I remember that show...I will have to go rent it to remind myself...are you gonna give me one from your farm? or should I put one of these as your seasonal picture contribution? They are beautiful pictures!

  3. Hey McClouds Daughters is an Aussie show lol Nice pick up. Beautiful pics xx


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