Thursday, March 18, 2010

It ain't pretty! (edited to add weekday dish)

Weekday Dish for 3/18
Latte from Dutch Bros (and my coffee guy)
bottle of water
dr. visit, more water
L-around noon- baked three fish fillets - ate two w/ketchup
S-Dannon toasted coconut yogurt and pepper jack cheese stick
water & coffee
1/2 of a kit-kat bar
D-small salad with olives and avocado 1 cup-ish
1 cup of homemade enchilada casserole
other half of kit-kat
and......about 1/2 cup of Lortab j/k (maybe 1/4 cup)
sipping water b/4 bed

Today I got my pressure bandage removed and was scanned with the ultrasound to make sure there were no clots due my newly collapsed vein... all is good so I am now in compression hose for two weeks during the day (can sleep with them off, YAY!) This means I can shower tonight!!!! Well, I've showered, as good as you can with one leg hanging out wrapped in a garbage bag :)

I know this has nothing to do with the band....but I am thinking there may be a few of you that suffer with Varicosities! Probably not as bad as mine but anyway, that is why I am sharing!

Right leg is being done on March least I know what to expect now.

I've been reading your blogs while high on liquid lortab so if I was typing in code or left really gushy messages blame the drugs!

I am going to leave you with even grosser pictures than my pre-op leg photos!

Just to explain a little... a laser fiber is thread up the vein and as it fires it shuts down the vein from inside. That part you can't see except way up my thigh there is a huge red/purple bruise the size of um, a salad plate, a tortilla or TEXAS!

All the marks, or bloody gooey holes if you will are from after the vein was collapsed and then tiny incisions were made and the big lumpy (and now not being filled) veins were removed... I know, I watched them tug them out from all twenty-two sites! It was cool! (Remember, I once was a paramedic)

Lower left of pic you can see the beginning of my HUGE bruise.

Can't wait to share the after photos...if you all will dare look by then! :)
Thanks for the well wishes too! You guys are the best!


  1. OOOOOOOUUUUCCCH! That looks like Lestat de Lioncourt was feasting on your leg. Does it hurt as much as it looks like it hurts? Brave girl. Down those meds and float thru it all on a haze. Sending healing leg thoughts your way. xxx

  2. oh, ouch! It sounds cool, but I couldn't watch!

  3. O man... I could not watch that either!!

  4. Okay, since I was a medic as well I will probably be the only one that thinks your leg looks awesome!! I would have watched the whole thing too! You are gonna be so happy when you are all healed. Keep those hose on girl, even after they let you take them off...seriously they suck but wearing them a whole month is a good idea.

  5. Oh my gosh - you poor thing! that looks very painful to me! I'm glad you're doing better and I'm so sorry you have to go through that but glad that you're on your way to recovery and as Southern Belle already said - you're going to be happy when you're all healed. What a strong woman you are!

  6. I just did an owie dance for you... I'm sure the afters will be wonderful though! :)

  7. Holy sore legs, Batman! Glad you've got one down and one to go. Hang in there!

  8. I hope it doesn't feel nearly as painful as it looks. Cool that you were able to watch the veins being removed, I love watching any kind of operation show. Continue to mend.

  9. That looks sore !!! Get better soon and cant wait to see the after pics

  10. Thanks for the pictures! I've spent years in vascular surgery, but in pediatrics, we don't do this. All the incisions! I'll bet the results will be fantabulous.

    Oh, and you are a b*tch! A TALL b*tch! MODEL tall! No wonder you look like you are in onderland. You're 6 feet tall... I wish I had your height! Some girls get all the luck.

  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You poor thing! Liquid Lortabs? Never heard of that, but I'll bet that works really fast! LOL

    Really your legs look like you've 25 spider bites...honestly, I've seen my daughter's legs look almost that bad from just 3 spider bites. But still.................OUCH!!!!

    Hope you are being waiting on hand and foot (no pun intended) and that they drugs are doing wonders, if not for the pain, then for the rest of you. :)


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